Quick Answers 63

Do we know how old The Mighty Nein members are?

Yes and no. Liam mentioned on Twitter that Caleb is 33. Nott doesn’t actually know how old she is, but has estimated somewhere between 6 and 9, and probably twice as old as Kiri (who is four). Marisha mentioned that Beau is in her early 20s on Talk Machina. Molly has been alive as Molly for two years. We have no official word on Fjord, Jester, or Yasha.

Is it possible for Caleb to learn Leomund's Tiny Hut (a 3rd level spell) before the next level up, given that he has already demonstrated that he knows two 3rd levels (Slow and Haste)? I know he only has two 3rd-level slots, so he couldn't CAST more than two in a given day, but does that prevent him from learning new spells at 3rd level as well?

Yes, he can still learn it at level 5! A wizard's spellbook can hold as many spells they can learn; all spells at or below their highest casting level can be available for them to use. The tricky part is finding the spell to learn it, and having enough paper and ink to add it to his spellbook. Since Leomund's Tiny Hut is a ritual spell, he won't even have to prepare it once he learns it- unlike clerics, wizards can cast any ritual spell in their spellbook, regardless of whether or not it’s prepared!

Would it be possible to start a reference list for who Kiri the Kenku is quoting when she has lines?

Consider it started. Whether it becomes an article or a full running stat depends on how many more episodes our bird daughter stays with the Nein.

Can you track “Don’t F*** Me Gil”?

While we love Gil the Vlogsmith and tracked mentions in the first campaign, this is not on our list of things tracked for Campaign 2.

You should also track everytime the Metagaming Pigeon makes an appearance!

We did for its glorious appearance in Zadash for Talks, but it’s been sparse as of late. For many of our regularly tracked stats, pay a visit to our Wildemount Stats page!

When do you update the character cards?

Usually, the Monday after they are available. In the case of level 5, as of episode 21, we’re still waiting for the cards for the gentlemen of the party to show up on air.

How many times has Disguise Self been cast?

A certain many, that can easily be consulted in our Spells Cast chart. As of episode 21, though, we’re at 35.

Is there a reason you post on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of during the weekend? Logistical reasons or no spoilers allowed/wanted before Monday's YouTube release?

It’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. Besides not wanting to spoil viewers who don’t get the opportunity to watch when it airs, we usually do at least two full detailed rewatches before we post anything. We track over 45 different types of statistics on just a weekly basis, so this often requires pausing and rewinding to watch sections over again. Additionally, all our timestamps are based on the Youtube video, so any final posts we share on the site wait for those to be available and set. Suffice to say, accuracy over a four hour episode takes time. (We’ll take a moment to point over to our Ko-Fi and PayPal, which helps us keep the metaphorical lights on!)

In terms of posting schedule during the week, sometimes we’ll wait for more information to become available through mediums like Talks. We might hold off posting until we can obtain permission for work from our community’s amazing artists that we think would pair well with the content we prepare. Other times, articles just take a lot of effort to write. Writing is hard, man.

On a related note, while we also aim for accuracy on Twitter, the goal of the live feed is the gist of events rather than final word. Since the Twitter feed is live, mistakes are much more likely for the sake of “breaking news.” Our site, on the other hand, is a curated archive. If you see something on the site that contradicts an earlier tweet, go with the site; we’ve had time to double-check!