What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Merrow Edition


Thanks to @Cartoon_Cookie for the art of The Mighty Nein in this article!

The Gentleman tasked The Mighty Nein with finding out what was keeping shipments from passing via the Ounterloch safe house, and clearing out any threats there so it could be used again. So far, they have found the safe house and figured out who the problem is. After they killed four merrow, Fjord discovered that not only is their task incomplete, but could potentially be much more involved than it initially appeared. TM9 are now faced with the task of potentially swimming a great distance without getting caught (and having to face the perils of underwater combat) or drowning, fighting at least 5 or 6 more merrow, and making it back with all of The Gentleman’s stolen loot.

At the end of episode 21, the party discussed potentially taking a long rest. There are a number of possibilities for how things could go:

  • leave the safe house and go to Berleben in the state they’re in;
  • take a short rest;
  • attempt a rest and get interrupted;
  • take a long rest and fully recover;
  • attack right away, etc.

For our edification, here is where The Mighty Nein stands at the beginning of Episode 22.



  • Unknown/44 HP
  • 2/5 ki points
  • Can recover all ki points on short rest
  • Unknown ability to use hit dice on short rest (used unknown amount post-troll battle)


Beau is likely missing some of her hit points, depending on how she rolled her hit dice after nearly dying from the poison of the venom troll. Monks regain all of their spent ki points on a short rest, so she’ll be in pretty good shape if she can rest for at least an hour.







  • 31/31 HP
  • First: 1/4
  • Second: 0/3
  • Third: 2/2 (due to Arcane Recovery)
  • Glove of Scorching Ray: 0/1
  • Can recover spells on long rest


Caleb is at full hit points, though he’s down over half of his spells. If the Nein find a way to lure the merrow to the safe house, he’ll be able to hide in the back and fire Fire Bolts all day. He’ll be in much worse shape, however, if they decide to attack the merrow where they currently stand. He’ll have very little chance to hide after swimming to their hoard, and the water can’t even provide him safety since merrow are very fast swimmers and have up to 60-foot reach (at disadvantage) on their harpoons.





  • 11/51 HP
  • Spells: 0/2
  • Hexblade’s Curse
  • Relentless Endurance: 0/1
  • Can recover both spell slots on short rest
  • Can use hit dice on short rest
  • Can recover Relentless Endurance on long rest


Fjord is standing by the grace of Jester and the Traveler after being downed by the merrow. He’ll recover both of his spell slots on short rest. Once healed, he’ll have the best shot at harming the merrow if they opt to swim to the hoard. He has the highest con modifier (which affects his ability to hold his breath underwater), and Hunger of Hadar has a big enough sphere to significantly impede the merrow where they stand. However, he can't rely on his orcish Relentless Endurance to save him again unless the party takes a long rest to recover it.





  • 38/38 HP
  • First: 3/4
  • Second: 2/3
  • Third: 1/2
  • Channel Divinity: 0/1
  • Wand of Smiles
  • Blessing of the Trickster
  • Can regain spells on long rest
  • Can regain Channel Divinity on short rest


Jester has been conserving her spells and has managed to stay at full health through their trials thus far. She’ll regain her Channel Divinity use on short rest, putting her in even better standing. Should the Nein decide to swim over, Jester’s ability to cast Pass Without a Trace (which she mentioned she had learned for today) and Blessing of the Trickster will be useful to potentially giving them a surprise attack round.





Thanks to @chai_tyto for this art piece!

  • Full HP (<19 HP)
  • Dagger
  • Adorable
  • Expert Forgery
  • Mimicry
  • The Best of Us


Protect our bird daughter at all costs.






  • 53/54 HP (will go up to 53/59 if he takes his sword out of his hand during a short rest)
  • First: 0/1
  • Second: 0/1
  • Can regain Blood Maledict on short rest
  • Can recover spells on long rest


Molly has kept himself out of trouble thus far by only using his Devil’s Tongue abilities, and while he has unlimited Vicious Mockeries, he’s likely going to be pulled into the melee fray if TM9 opts to attack the merrow.






  • 40/40 HP
  • First: 1/3
  • Can recover spells on long rest


Nott will be forced to deal with her hatred of water should TM9 decide to swim to the merrow hoard. Her Crossbow Expert feat will be very helpful once they get up on land to ensure that she can fire at any of the surrounding merrow without having disadvantage.







  • 55/55 HP
  • Rages: 1/3
  • Necrotic Shroud
  • 5 points of Healing Hands
  • Can recover rages on long rest


Yasha has all of her hit points left, as well as her racial abilities. She’ll need to carefully time when she employs her final rage for the day, should she not get a long rest. If she can get within 10 feet of the merrow and not her party, she can unleash her Necrotic Shroud wings and try to frighten them. For the next minute, she’ll also deal 5 extra necrotic damage on one strike per round.