Media References and Puns of 2-26 Found and Lost

We know that feeling of helplessness you're feeling, and we promise you: You will be found again. There is a world outside of this Ross Dress for Less that is waiting for you.

Media References


  • (0:13:24) Marisha: Does he have a holster thing or do I just imagine that because he’s Texblade?
  • (0:38:36) Beau: You don’t f*** us and we don’t f*** you. Unless, you know.
  • (0:49:34) Taliesin: We’re going to drop a Loaf.  Sam: We’re going to drop a quick loaf and then go. Always better to drop a loaf before you go.
  • (0:49:55) Matt: As you say goodbyes to Loaf-- Liam: Pinch him off.  Taliesin: Squeezed as much as we can out of that one.
  • (1:30:30) Sam: You just gonna kegstand there? Ashly: I’m just gonna kegstand there.
  • (1:30:50) Sam: There’s horses around. There might be a pony keg at some point.
  • (1:44:44) Nott: Molly, do you want some acid? Do you want to drop some acid.  Molly: I feel like if you give it to me, I’m going to end up dropping it and it’s not going to be that useful.
  • (2:28:12) Molly: You can’t heal a dead horse.
  • (2:29:45) Marisha: Aw, they’re called “ankhegs,” you guys. Sam: Related to you? Ashly: No, Nott, keep trying.
  • (2:49:31) Sam: I like tongue. I was eating some tongue earlier. Ashly: Oh, I thought you were coming on to me.
  • (3:20:21) Marisha: *singing* At a medium pace. (Adam Sandler) NSFW
  • (3:45:34) Taliesin: I’ll take bush 1. Sam: I thought Caleb was the Bush Man.
  • (4:10:42) Marisha: Burning through the ki points. Sam: Key Questions. Marisha: Only on Alpha.