A Tribute to Mollymauk Tealeaf, Long May He Reign

And shine bright, circus man.

Back in campaign 1, we compiled lists for each character in tribute for their apparent final appearances, our personal favorite moments that we presented at the end of each of their journeys. As Mollymauk Tealeaf approaches the probable end of his, we present our favorite moments, the first tribute for a member of the Mighty Nein.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips, and to our fantastic respective community artists for the pieces below! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break.

Thanks to @AvivOr for this art piece!

  • Molly’s introduction (Ep2-01, 0:44:31)
  • Molly reads Jester’s cards (Ep2-01, 0:48:34)
  • Molly tells Fjord his swords’ “family history” (Ep2-02, 1:24:29)
  • Molly shouts in Infernal at an imp (Ep2-03, 3:17:48)
  • Molly comforts Toya (Ep2-04, 0:16:09)

Thanks to @margodraws for this art piece!

  • Molly fishes for drugs (Ep2-04, 3:15:05)
  • Molly has a drink in Alfield (Ep2-05, 3:26:58)
  • Molly definitely gives the real story behind his swords (Ep2-06, 0:11:22)
  • Molly decapitates a gnoll (Ep2-06, 3:17:07)

Thanks to @ozziyo for this art piece!

  • Molly kisses Caleb on the forehead to get him to snap out of his haze (Ep2-07, 3:58:08)
  • Molly sends the bandits on their way (Ep2-08, 2:14:56)

Thanks to @Zephyri for this art piece!

  • Molly advises Nott on grumpy and happy people (Ep2-09, 1:14:50)
  • Molly kills a spider by mocking it to death (Ep2-10, 2:40:51)
  • Molly corners Caleb (Ep2-10, 3:09:44)

Thanks to @madqueenmomo for this art piece!

  • Molly catches Nott trying to steal Fjord’s letter (ep2-10, 3:34:05)

Thanks to @salaidard for this art piece!

  • Molly and Fjord set a trap for Nott (Ep2-11, 2:55:14, 2:57:37)
  • Molly disguises himself (Ep2-12, 0:53:50)
  • Molly has to face his unknown past (Ep2-13 and Ep2-14, 1:04:02 )

Thanks to ruushes for this art piece!

  • Molly tells TM9 about his lack of history (Ep2-14, 1:56:26)
  • “Is that your new nickname? “What?” “Simple tool.” (Ep2-15, 2:34:19)
  • Molly and Beau take skein (Ep2-16, 3:11:49)
  • Molly gets a massage (Ep2-18, 2:30:22)
  • Molly strolls in wearing nothing but the gaudiest Platinum Dragon tapestry ever (Ep2-18, 3:03:18)

Thanks to vibafleischer for this art piece!

  • Molly, Yasha, and Fjord go to the orc’s shack (Ep2-19, 1:38:48)
  • Fjord teases Molly as he blinks in and out (Ep2-22, 1:35:21, 1:38:39, 1:53:59, 1:55:19, 2:05:07)
  • Molly and Jester go to the Fungal Fount (Ep2-23, 1:27:56, 2:14:48)
  • Molly gets Uma to tell him what book she’s reading (Ep2-23, 1:47:22)
  • Molly deals with Zenny and the bandits (Ep2-23, 3:18:10)
  • Molly chats up Ireena (Ep2-24, 0:30:21)
  • Molly intimidates Fitz and Ashton (Ep2-24, 0:40:22)
  • Molly competes in The Hour of Honor (Ep2-24, 1:37:55)
  • Nott dances with Molly (Ep2-24, 2:04:42)

Thanks to @hla_rosa for this art piece!

  • Molly tries to pull alcohol from Beau’s system (Ep2-24, 2:06:25)
  • Molly and Yasha do the vaulty-trick (Ep2-25, 0:52:46)
  • Molly gives Keg 20 gold, then charges her 20 gold to work with them (Ep2-26, 0:36:34)
  • Molly entertains the firbolg boy (Ep2-26, 2:35:29)

Thanks to Missy Weir (@spacekid_aki) for this art piece!

  • Molly and Beau talk about their best lies (Ep2-26, 2:55:00)
  • With blood. (Ep2-26, 4:39:29)
  • Molly’s funeral (Ep2-27, 0:28:03)