CRStats Favorite Moments Episodes 2-13 - 2-25

Thanks to @delsinsfire for this art piece!

With Critical Role off this week as they move studios, we hope this list of our favorite moments from campaign two’s episodes 13-25 helps get you through its absence!

  • Caleb, Nott, Beau, and Jester steal the Beacon while Fjord and Molly look on in horror (Ep2-13, 1:18:29)
  • Caleb’s dream (Ep2-13, 3:04:12)

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  • We hear some of Pumat Sol’s backstory (Ep2-13, 3:44:19)
  • “Whatcha reading?” (Ep2-13, 3:49:35)
  • Who the f*** is Lucien? (Ep2-13, 4:10:28)
  • Fjord plays the Gambit of Ord against The Gentleman (Ep2-14, 0:34:23)
  • The Gentleman drinks acid (Ep2-14, 0:50:49)

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  • We finally learn about Molly’s (lack of) history (Ep2-14, 1:55:04)
  • Jester and Fjord discuss why he chose her to be in his boat (Ep2-15, 0:14:41)
  • Caleb reads Siff’s journal (Ep2-15, 3:32:01)
  • The 1987 D&D Beyond ad (Ep2-16, 0:00:13)
  • Jester tells Siff the secret behind Nicodranas pastries (Ep2-16, 0:14:11)
  • Jester lifts Fjord into the boat (Ep2-16, 1:55:37)

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  • Jester climbs the statue of the Matron of Ravens (Ep2-16, 3:09:15)
  • Nott goes to a cafe (Ep2-16, 3:23:02)
  • Caleb gets a fragment of possibility (Ep2-16, 3:41:47)
  • You’ve Got Gail (Ep2-17, 0:01:55)
  • Fjord absolutely fails at Trebuchet (Ep2-17, 0:32:18)
  • Caleb easily wins at King’s Vault. Nott...doesn’t. (Ep2-17, 0:39:45)
  • Yasha and Jester win the money bag twice at Titan’s Grasp (Ep2-17, 0:51:03)
  • Caleb completely fails at Eagle Shot. Nott wins all the prizes. (Ep2-17, 1:08:08)
  • Yasha armwrestles Gunther (Ep2-17, 1:31:45)
  • Molly buys the gaudiest Platinum Dragon tapestry ever (Ep2-17, 0:58:57)

Thanks to @AvivOr for this art piece!

  • Yasha’s HDYWTDT on the otyugh (Ep2-17, 3:13:24)
  • Oremid Hass is overtaken by the cuteness of Frumpkin (Ep2-18, 1:31:04)
  • Jester opens the package from her mom (Ep2-18, 2:22:52)
  • Molly strolls in wearing nothing but the gaudiest Platinum Dragon tapestry ever (Ep2-18, 3:03:18)

Thanks to Sebastián "Seb" Jiménez, @TheLastBashtion, for this art piece!

  • Nott’s series of water-related puns (Ep2-19, 0:56:15)
  • Beau is taken aback at the price of bracers at The Invulnerable Vagrant (Ep2-19, 1:05:56)
  • Yasha is confused by Frumpkin (Ep2-19, 1:10:22)

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  • Nott and Caleb run Modern Literature without warning anyone (Ep2-19, 2:36:15)
  • Jester panics over “dead” Caleb (Ep2-19, 2:39:01)
  • Nott talks about her history with her clan (Ep2-19, 3:24:58)
  • Yasha’s dream (Ep2-20, 0:48:37)

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  • Yasha and Nott’s conversation while on watch (Ep2-20, 0:58:19, 1:02:22)
  • Yasha prays to the Stormlord (Ep2-20, 0:59:23)
  • The Mighty Nein meets our collective kenku daughter, Kiri (Ep2-20, 2:32:20)

Thanks to Tess Fowler for this art piece!

  • The D&D Beyond ad gets animated (Ep2-21, 0:01:08)
  • TM9 Meet Calianna (Ep2-21, 0:14:10)
  • Jester casts Speak with Dead for the first time (Ep2-21, 1:41:30)

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  • Jester teaches Kiri some phrases (Ep2-22, 0:14:47)
  • Fjord gives Beau some tips on apologizing (Ep2-22, 0:18:34)
  • Kiri is displeased about being woken up in the middle of the night (Ep2-22, 0:23:15 0:26:07)
  • Nott cautions Yasha to watch out for Caleb, who will surely die (Ep2-22, 0:32:40)

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  • Yasha and Caleb talk, and then Yasha shaves Caleb’s face (Ep2-22, 0:36:31)
  • Fjord’s vision (Ep2-22, 3:11:04)
  • Beau apologizes and Caleb hugs her (Ep2-22, 3:32:35)

Thanks to @Meglm for this art piece!

  • TM9 concoct a plan to blow up the venom troll’s house (Ep2-23, 0:20:12)
  • Molly gets Uma to tell him the name of the book she’s reading (Ep2-23, 1:47:23)
  • Molly and Jester go to the apothecary (Ep2-23, 1:27:56, 2:14:48)

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  • Jester talks to her mom via Sending (Ep2-23, 1:48:16)
  • Kiri repeats what she heard of Nott’s conversation with Caleb (Ep2-23, 2:28:45)
  • Zenny and his bandits attack TM9 again and immediately regret it (Ep2-23, 3:15:08, 3:18:08)
  • Jester plays the piano at the Blushing Tankard Tavern (Ep2-24, 0:27:32, 0:31:23)
  • TM9 intimidate Fitz and Ashton (Ep2-24, 0:39:46)
  • Beau talks about her past (Ep2-24, 1:10:49)
  • Jester buys flowers from Tara (Ep2-24, 1:21:03)
  • Jester and Caleb dance (Ep2-24, 2:03:15)

Thanks to @TinyCurlyFry for this art piece!

  • Clef shows Kiri a music box, which Jester buys (Ep2-24, 2:52:28)
  • Fjord and Beau interrogate Fitz and Ashton (Ep2-24, 3:06:29)
  • TM9 meets the Schuster kids (Ep2-24, 3:27:40)
  • TM9 debates taking the children and starting a children’s band (Ep2-24, 3:35:36)
  • TM9 go through an elaborate ruse to obtain a bucket of tar (Ep2-25, 0:48:23)
  • Beau “passes out” on Yasha (Ep2-25, 3:09:26)
  • Caleb and Beau promise to keep each other in check (Ep2-25, 3:35:43)
  • TM9 reunites Wallace and Gilda with their children (Ep2-25, 3:22:00)
  • TM9 says goodbye for now to Kiri (Ep2-25, 3:23:44)