Quick Answers 64

Will you track the number of times Matt claps before the opening credits?

We keep receiving requests for this one despite answering before, but to definitively nip this in the bud: nope. No plans to do so.

How many nines has the Mighty Nein rolled?

As of episode 25, 132 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls).

How many nines has Vox Machina rolled?

In 115 episodes, 246 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls). Keep in mind that Vox Machina were working with much larger modifiers, making single-digit totals much rarer.

Are there any plans to track Yasha’s flower collection?

  1. (2-04, 3:29:06) Flowers from Nott
  2. (2-04, 3:30:31) Four-leaf clover (already present in book)
  3. (2-19, 2:54:24) Handful of posies
  4. (2-20, 1:00:43) Piece of bark from lightning-struck tree
  5. (2-23, 3:43:01) White flower bud

Please tell me your are compiling a list of Kiri's sayings and their origin. I need it for reasons.

Yes. When does it publish? Soooooooon.

Would you have the number of times and timecodes the cast has referenced Hamilton?

You’re in luck; that’s one of the many stats we keep track in our weekly Media Reference list. There have been 7 Hamilton references in Campaign 2 and 51 in Campaign 1. If you want them all compiled in a single list, we can give you a head start: we compiled all Hamilton references for the first 81 episodes of Campaign 1 in this article.

1. The stone that Fjord absorbed, did it reappear in the guard or the pommel of his falchion?
2. When the falchion absorbed the Wastehunter Blade, did the Falchion get serrations on the spine of the blade?
3. Fjord sometimes casts Eldritch Blast from the pommel of his falchion, was/is there a gem there as well?

1. What’s been said about the eye that appeared on his falchion:

  • “Glittering in the center of the hilt, where there was none previously, is a single yellow eye.”
  • “There you can see, in the center of the pommel-- previously was just the well-crafted hilt to the blade-- you see a single, yellow, lidless eye on each side.”

2. What’s been said about its transformation:

  • “The falchion now returned to grasp with a strange, more hooked and jagged appearance to it.”
  • “The falchion has a slight curve to it and has a hooked end to the back of its design.”
  • “The large falchion appears, curved and jagged.”

3. Back in episode 2-03, Matt described his Eldritch Blast from the pommel as, “The edge of the pommel glows with dark, black, purple, crackling energy, and this single bolt of eldritch energy fires out in the direction.”

Are there any plans to create a running list to track what items have been consumed by the falchion?

It’s a short list so far (Wastehunter Blade, cat’s eye stone), so not enough at this time to justify a full page. We’ll be interested to see if Matt allows swords to stack, or if the properties of one replace a previously absorbed blade.

Is there a published map of the entire world for both campaigns anywhere?

Nope. Rest of the world hasn’t been built yet!

Is there a list of times the party has earned and spent money?

We’re keeping track of the things the party gets along the way, though not specifically how much money they’re spending.

Are you still tracking the number of times Matt says stuff in Campaign 1?

It’s probably a safe bet that we have officially retired Campaign 1 to the Hall of Fame from new stat tracking. It’s an equally safe bet to assume that we no longer track the frequency of phrases, campaign indifferent. However, thanks to the work of CRTranscript and its many volunteers, if you’re interested in tracking a phrase or word, you can go to their transcripts and do a CTRL+F search for what you’re looking for. The power is YOURS!

Campaign 1 Questions! SPOILERS!

Have you reverse engineered the cost of Victor’s gunpowder?

That’s a little nebulous. We’ll start with the disclaimer that since Victor is an admitted last minute creation, the cost of black powder was likely equally set at the last minute. It should also be noted that the price should fluctuate on its availability, whether or not the local government restricts its purchase, and the sanity of the seller. With all this in mind and ignoring the suggestion to the questioning DM to set whatever price sounds reasonable for your world, let’s figure out the cost of black powder in 811 PD Vasselheim at face value, using Victor’s face.

We know Percy purchased 2.5 hog’s heads (literally, we promise we spelled that right) of black powder, and another 4 flasks of black powder. Here’s the prices as listed, before negotiation:

  • 1 barrel - 4623 gold
  • 1 hog’s head - 426 gold
  • 4 flasks - 250 gold

Here’s where it gets tricky. A standard hogshead (not to be confused with a hog’s head) is approximately 64 US gallons (245 L), while a barrel is about 43 US gallons (160 L). Taking this into account, a literal hog’s head is significantly smaller than a barrel or a standard hogshead. This means we can only estimate the amount of powder in the hog’s head or the flasks. If we assume the barrel carries 43 gallons and the price scales accordingly, a hog’s head is about 4 gallons (15 L) of black powder.

Alternatively, we could estimate how many bullets it takes to use up a hog’s head of black powder (again, not to be confused with a hogshead of black powder). From Percy’s first visit to Victor to his second (20 episodes), Percy fired his guns 106 times. Taliesin admitted that Percy’s supplies weren’t dangerously low for this second visit, as the trip was more for the audience’s benefit. Given this, we can safely assume that 426 gp of black powder lasts more than 125 shots, plus or minus any additional projects that use black powder.

What year did Vox Machina defeat Vecna?

Vox Machina defeated Vecna on Misuthar 15, 813 PD.

Do you have any idea what the spireling was going to do to Vax when they declined to make the deal with the Clasp during the Chroma Conclave arc?

Nope. Best case, scar the mark away from Vax’s back. Worst case… We’ll not speculate.