Media References and Puns for 2-28 Within the Nest

Deuces to Mollymauk.
Caduceus is "the deuce."
And the double deuce to Lorenzo

Media References


  • (0:19:32) Liam: I am a master debater.  Marisha: Shady debaters.
  • (1:04:25) Caleb: I’m going to hazard a guess that you could heal a wound in a snap.  Caduceus: *snaps* Not with an actual snap, but yeah, I can do that.
  • (1:15:17) Sam: Just the tip!
  • (1:26:10) Sam: If the insertion goes well, maybe we go steady!
  • (1:33:01) Sam: Burchicide!
  • (3:10:09) Sam: Oi! I’m thinking of removing my spine because it’s only holding me back!
  • (3:36:26) Sam: I’ll reach my Mage Hand around.  Liam: Reach around. Sam: Reach around, give it a little tuggy...