Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo Masterpost

Thanks to @AlexMarx101 for this art piece!


The body count was a little bit higher than the last time Trinket teamed up with Liam, Peddy, and the Sweet Brothers:

  • (1:50:43) Bearacuda by Peddy eating his face off, assist from Trinket
  • (2:02:43) Bearacuda by Liam Las Vegas, assist from Trinket
  • (2:03:50) Bearacuda choked out by Cookie- KO, not kill
  • (2:34:10) Hattori Bongo by Peddy and the special bullet
  • (2:36:08) 2 ninjas and Kody by the Potion of Fireball from Trinket

Liam Las Vegas’ Flirting/Innuendos:

Thanks to @RavennoWithTea for this art piece!

Honey badger don't care. It just wants who it wants.

  • (0:21:53) Marisha: Liam Las Vegas has taught you quite a bit over the last seven months.  Brian: He has. Taught him about many things.
  • (0:23:11) Brian: I’ll be at the front. I’ll be at the back. I’ll be wherever you need me.
  • (0:27:18) Brian: He was an all right guy: paid pretty well, laid pretty well.
  • (0:48:12) Brian: I’m thirsty.
  • (0:51:22) Brian: Worst comes to worst, we could seduce one of the server bears.
  • (0:52:30) Marisha: Didn’t expect to see you coming around here.  Brian: Most people don’t.
  • (1:10:20) Marisha: Have you ever tried having sex in the middle of f***ing frigid temperatures, man? It’s hard! Right? Brian: It stays hard, too.
  • (1:12:21) Brian: I don’t want to be touching a lot of dicks unless that’s all I’m going to be doing for the rest of the day.
  • (1:16:34) Sam: If we win this game…  Brian: We keep the dicks!
  • (1:21:23) Brian: Go between the dicks, that’s what I always say.
  • (1:23:28) Brian: A guy as good-looking as you hasn’t gotten this far without tapping a few dicks, though, right? Liam: You don’t know what I’ve tapped. Brian: I’d like to. Liam: We’ll talk about that later.
  • (1:26:35) Brian: As usual, I could not remember if I was supposed to hit the dicks or not.
  • (1:39:02) Marisha: There’s honey all over that fort. Brian: Y’know, my first wife said that to me on our wedding night.
  • (2:13:04) Brian: I also leave their whores- holes- alone.
  • (2:30:04) Brian: You gotta push them to the front, you gotta get it just to the tip there.
  • (2:32:35) Brian: Get both of the balls in his mouth, quick!
  • (2:33:04) Brian: You’re at a bad angle for ball insertion.
  • (2:39:44) Brian: I’m really good at forcing people to swallow things.