Media References and Puns of 2-30 The Journey Home

Glory Run Road, Take us home
To the place we belong
Zadash in the Dwendalian Empire
[Doesn't have the same ring to it]
Let's journey home. 

Media References


  • (0:03:44) Liam: I had fur blog in the early 2000s.
  • (0:31:39) Liam: It’s called stunning stroke.
  • (1:02:05) Caleb: If we’re ever in a tight spot.  Jester: Ha ha ha!
  • (1:27:02) Laura: Aw. W.C.? Liam: He’s in the fields.
  • (2:02:01) Fjord: What the hot f*** is going on with her? Beau: I think hot f*** is actually appropriate on a few levels.
  • (2:28:54) Beau: Maybe you, if anyone, can understand the idea of fighting fire with fire.
  • (3:01:06) Nott: Did you just step out of the shower? Should we come back after you’ve dried off and made yourself presentable?
  • (3:21:32) Caleb: Mr. Clay, have a seat. Drop a deuce.
  • (3:25:43) Marisha: To the Tealeaf. And now to our new tea leaf.
  • (3:26:51) Liam: I would like to talk to Travis about swallowing whole, long swords.
  • (3:28:07) Caleb: It looked like he was sweating out of nervousness.
  • (3:29:06) Taliesin: “Establishing trade routes.”
  • (3:29:54) Caleb: If you don’t believe me, insight check me.  Beau: I only have gold; I don’t have checks.
  • (3:35:29) Laura: You remember that tavern called The Leaky Nip?