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Stats for Fjord’s falchion with the Summer’s Dance enchantment?

Fjord’s falchion, as Matt detailed on Reddit, takes on the enchantment of whatever blade he attunes to. However, if the falchion had an enchantment from a previous weapon on it already, the previous enchantment is lost and the previous weapon is destroyed forever.

Fjord previously attuned to the Wastehunter Blade, which he took from the Xhorhasian infiltrator in the sewers of Zadash after the attempted toppling of the Zauber Spire. Its enchantment allowed him to deal an additional 1d6 necrotic damage to beasts and monstrosities. Fjord has now attuned with Summer’s Dance, the sword Molly previously wielded. Molly got that sword from the merrow hoard in the Ounterloch. It enables the wielder to cast Misty Step once (we’re thinking once per long rest, though that’s not confirmed).

Do you have a count on the total number of sets of manacles they've found?

About 13 sets. We’re not including manacles that were already on people in The Sour Nest, since those weren’t really “found.”

  • (Ep2-07, 3:59:53) Large set from manticore lair
  • (Ep2-16, 1:53:07) Set from hidden alcove in the Underworks
  • (Ep2-21, 4:00:53) 4 bloody sets from the Labenda Swamp safehouse
  • (Ep2-28, 3:40:07) A few sets seen by Frumpkin
  • (Ep2-30, 0:48:55) 4 sets in new Bag of Holding in The Sour Nest

Do you know how many bolts had Nott fired so far? How many does she have left?

She’s fired 104 crossbow bolts, as of episode 31. To know how many bolts Nott has left, we’d have to know what she started with, and we don’t. We do know that she just picked up 300 more from The Sour Nest, though, so more than that!

How many of the players have Vox Machina tattoos?

We know for sure that Liam, Marisha, Laura, Matt, Taliesin, and Ashley all do. We’re unsure about Sam or Travis.

What do we know about TM9 families so far, like members and names?

  • Beau
    • Father and mother (names unknown)
    • Live and run winery in Kamordah
  • Caduceus
    • Parents, two sisters, brother (names unknown)
    • Currently out searching for cure to curse over the Savalierwood
  • Caleb
    • Mother (Una) and father (Leofric)
    • Both are dead
  • Calianna
    • Specific parents unknown
    • Raised by Serissa and the Cult of the Caustic Heart
    • Rescued by dwarves named Grim and Magda Mordsson
  • Fjord
    • Specific parents unknown
    • Grew up in an orphanage
  • Jester
    • Mother (Marian Lavorre), father known but unnamed
    • Marian still lives in Nicodranas
    • Father’s location is unknown
  • Kiri
    • Biological: Mother, father, 4 sisters (1 still lives. Names unknown.)
    • Adoptive: Mother (Gilda) and father (Wallace), two sisters (Gail and Layla), two brothers (Austin and Jude)
  • Nila
    • Partner (Kitor) and son (Asar)
    • Last seen heading towards either the Blooming Grove or the Crispvale Thicket
  • Nott
    • Specific parents unknown (clan raises all children communally)
    • Clan still resides near Felderwin and the Felderwin Tillage
  • Keg, Molly, Shakäste, Yasha
    • Unknown

Do we know if anyone is looking for the Beacon?

We know that the crownsguard were escorting the beacon somewhere and that it had been kept hidden in the Zauber Spire, home of the Hall of Erudition where the Soltryce Academy essentially houses their Zadash branch. With the current conflict with Xhorhas raging on, we’re not sure if they have anyone actively searching for it, but we’re sure they’d rather have the beacon in their care rather than in The Mighty Nein’s.

If we happen to either (a) keep tabs on something that you don't or (b) find something that you missed (such as a pun, media ref, etc), would you like us to send those over to you to keep stats together in one place?

We highly recommend asking us before you undertake a mission of tracking something, just in case we already track it. We’re also not necessarily interested in tracking everything in the known universe about Critical Role, and we wouldn’t want you to waste your time.

If you notice we’ve missed something, please email us, ask us through our site, or message us on Tumblr. Posting in the Notes of a Tumblr post or leaving us a comment on Twitter makes your comment less likely to be seen. Moreover, once we amend whatever the issue is, we don’t want your comment to be sitting out in public for people to then correct you on, since the original issue will no longer be visible.

What’s the average length of the intermission for the Wildemount Campaign?

You can always look that up on our Running Times chart! As a reminder, please check our various site pages before asking questions: there’s a good chance we are tracking it or tracked it in the past.

How close did Vox Machina get to killing the kraken?

We have no way of knowing, but here’s our Monster Analysis about it.

Is Dairon a drow?

Nope, a non-drow elf! All NPC details and race information can be found in our Wildemount NPC table.

In campaign 1, how many times did the mighty Matthew Mercer use the word cacophonous? The search feature is your friend!

Did you ever keep track of every time Percy’s gun locked up on him?
We did, and submitted this for Talks Machina’s Campaign 1 wrap-up! It’s also always available on our site in the General Stats category of the Tal’Dorei Campaign menu. The search feature is your friend!

Which episode did Sam sing the song that eventually became the video for D&D Beyond?
Episode 2-07.