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Hey! Spoilers! SPOILERS!

As we've stated many times before, we are all about making sure that everyone can be informed about the latest episode as it's happening. Please mute us on Twitter or mute the #CriticalRole or #TalksMachina tags if you anticipate a need to remain uninformed. (And we appreciate many of you for spreading the word on this!) Due to character limits, we cannot tag by episode.

We'll attempt to keep the general site spoiler free for the immediate episode until sometime after it's on YouTube, but be aware that our most recent three tweets show up on the sidebar of the site. Tumblr articles will always be tagged #critical role spoilers until the following week’s episode hits YouTube.

How many times has 0 been rolled?

In Campaign 2, 5 times by players:

  • Nott (Ep2-02, 3:15:48) Deception Check (disregarded due to advantage)
  • Nott (Ep2-04, 0:47:57) Deception Check
  • Nott (Ep2-08, 3:19:29) Persuasion Check
  • Yasha (Ep2-23, 1:45:52) Intimidation Check (with charisma modifier)
  • Keg (Ep2-27, 3:14:28) Intelligence Check

And one time by Matt:

  • Gelatinous Cube (Ep2-15, 2:39:18) Initiative

How many times did Keg declare that she was aroused?

8 times, including one time that she expressed the she was, “in love?”

  • (Ep2-26, 1:43:03) At Beau cutting out the ankheg acid sac
  • (Ep2-26, 1:47:08) At Beau climbing through the trees
  • (Ep2-26, 3:03:48) At Beau doing pull ups between the horses
  • (Ep2-28, 1:16:46) At Beau ripping out the arrow
  • (Ep2-28, 3:30:00) At Beau tossing darts
  • (Ep2-29, 1:20:01) At Shakäste’s offers to get a keg later
  • (Ep2-29, 3:25:08) At Beau’s suggestion that standing on the table is like Titanic (in love, way past arousal)
  • (Ep2-29, 4:14:44) At Beau’s suggestion that Keg spend the night with her

What occasions in-game caused the players to level up?

  • Episode 04: Killing the nergaliid and leaving Trostenwald as a team
  • Episode 13: Successfully completing their mission with The Knights of Requital in Zadash
  • Episode 18: Emerging victorious in The Victory Pit in Zadash

What was the in-game date that the VM Campaign finished?

Keyleth’s final scene took place on Cuersaar the 13th, the holiday of the Night of Ascension.

For @TalksMachina this Tuesday, can we have the stats for Sam’s Nat 1’s for this campaign?

You can always find those over on our Rankings page!

What’s Caleb’s HP? Can we get an HP count for TM9? How much damage has Lorenzo taken at this point?

We’re asked a lot of questions in the middle of episodes. While we’d love to be able to respond to questions during an episode, the reality is that we’re fully engrossed in livetweets and documentation. We’re busy to the point that we definitely won’t see your question until way after the fact, and even if we do see it, we won’t have time to answer it. Also, while we’ll sometimes post HP and damage totals for the opposition, we’re hesitant to post exact HP and damage numbers until we get a chance to double-check our stats on Monday.

Will you tell the cast when they’ve misused abilities? You made it easy to tell with your “What The Mighty Nein Have Left” posts!

No, and it frustrates us when we see people using our reference posts to criticize the cast. Please don’t do that. We always defer to Matt and what happens in the game. We also abide by the logic that we wouldn’t want someone criticizing our game play at our own tables, let alone in front of thousands of people, so we treat Critical Role the same way.

Questions we have been asked lately whose answers are all “We don’t/can’t know/track that.”:

  • Who was the first person @matthewmercer has said "F*** you" to in the party?
  • Who has he said that the most to?
  • I was curious if you knew how often @matthewmercer has apologized for @samriegel, like post his sponsor shout out last night to @DnDBeyond?
  • Do you keep track of how many times @VoiceOfOBrien references Shakespeare?
  • What is the number of crits to noncrits that that Taliesin rolled with the golden snitch in the first campaign?
    • We have no way of telling which die a player is rolling when they roll it, sorry! The players don’t tell us which one they’re using often enough to generate reliable statistics.
  • Which character took less time to have a piece of fanart published since it was revealed outside the official artists?