Media References and Puns of 2-33 The Ruby and the Sapphire

Ba ba ba, ba Babenon
Ba ba ba, ba Babenon
Oh Babenooon, you left your womaaaan
Supposedly living in the sea
But you're running a crime spree
Ba ba ba, ba Babenon

Media References

  • (0:01:10) Sam: This Sunday, September 9th, or 9/9 is the first game of the regular season for Travis’ favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.

  • (0:01:35) Sam: And this year, the standout defensive player was none other than Antwaun Woods, number ninety-nine.

  • (0:01:46) Sam: I have done the unthinkable: I am wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt.

  • (0:02:36) Sam: *is wearing a Keep Calm and Hate Dallas shirt*

  • (0:02:53) Marisha: And definitely blood on the Wyrmwood.

  • (0:07:40) Travis: *says something in evil voice* Taliesin: That was a really good Dr. Claw. Matt, in Dr. Claw voice: I will get you, Gadget!

  • (0:14:31) Taliesin: This will work out way better than that Tamagotchi you owned.

  • (0:16:04) Travis: Maybe we drive towards the coast and take the PCH down to Nicodranas? Taliesin: Big Sur is nice this time of year. Travis: Carmel-by-the-Sea’s a peach.

  • (0:22:57) Marisha: You look like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago.

  • (0:35:06) Sam: Offer it tenure.

  • (0:35:50) Liam: Mr. Owl, how many handling checks does it take? Matt, Travis, and Taliesin, in Mr. Owl voice: One! Two! Three!

  • (0:44:24) Taliesin: We need an orrery now to figure this out, I’m so excited.

  • (1:04:32) Travis: Don’t f*** with the postal service.

  • (1:13:15) Marisha: I keep imagining Lord Strider.

  • (1:13:42) Matt: You almost look like one of the ghosts from Pac-Man.  Sam: A blue mumu.  Marisha: Was that Blinky?

  • (1:17:02) Taliesin: I named the seagull in my head, too. Laura: What’s the name? Taliesin: Steven.

  • (1:18:30) Matt: All the tables here have what look to be fine, either a high-count cotton, or white dupioni silk that has been pulled across around these circular tables.

  • (1:19:35) Liam: Is it like the Velour Juicy sweatpants I saw when I first moved here?

  • (1:20:05) Liam: That’s dupioni silk. I knew that. Dupioni, Bob Dibuono.

  • (1:37:21) Marisha: I’m so ready for it! Sam: (sings “Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited)

  • (2:02:34) Marisha: Jester’s mom has got it going on. (“Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne)

  • (2:02:49) Travis: Can’t even watch ASPCA commercials.

  • (2:36:38) Matt: Bob Loblaw.

  • (2:36:46) Taliesin: Barbasol.

  • (2:37:24) Taliesin: This is the perfect time for a game of Pictionary, I’m so excited!

  • (2:37:46) Marisha: This is the best episode of Maury ever!

  • (2:38:19) Liam: ...the cartoon character, Daria.

  • (2:38:51) Laura: Imagine this is like da Vinci.

  • (2:38:53) Marisha: It’s very Scott Pilgrim.

  • (2:44:35) Liam: I’m 50! 50 years old! I kick!  Laura: I stretch! (SNL- Sally O’Malley)

  • (2:58:24) Liam: *whispering* Segal.  Matt: All right, Steven. Travis: My name is Sheagal.

  • (2:58:46) (Sean Connery accent) Sam: Steven Seagal. [...] Liam: (Steven Seagal and Sean Connery accents) I certainly remember by Charlemagne. (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

  • (3:07:04) Liam: Les Paul.

  • (3:18:24) Sam: About Al Gore Dyomin!  Marisha: Did you just call him Al Gore?!  Sam: Al Gore! He invented the internet!  Taliesin: It’s an inconvenient moment right now.

  • (3:27:08) Travis: (caws) Mine! (Finding Nemo)


  • (1:02:17) Matt: They’re more on duty, but you’re not sure if it’s just their own duty, or if they’ve been given a-- (points at Laura).

  • (1:17:02) Taliesin: I named the seagull in my head, too. Laura: What’s the name? Taliesin: Steven.

  • (1:57:23) Sam: You always want a little fore-pony before the pony.

  • (2:13:59) Caleb: Fish out of water.  Marian: You’ve traveled a long distance to be here. Perhaps the fish has found a home.

  • (2:16:42) Jester: I can heal people, Mom, did you know that?  Nott: She *can* heal people.

  • (2:45:09) Caleb: Definitely, Nott.

  • (2:58:24) Liam: *whispering* Segal.  Matt: All right, Steven. Travis: My name is Shegal.

  • (3:18:07) Nott: There’s been a lot of forepony…

  • (3:46:49) Beau: Do you have wizard envy? It is a very large tower.

  • (3:49:34) Nott: We should still go there because we could maybe kill two birds.  Jester: We’ve already got seven dead birds.