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Can you keep track of how many times the dodecahedron has been used, and how many of those times it’s been used to reroll something?

Done and done; we now keep this list regularly updated on the Wildemount Running Stats page.

How can Beau buy extra reactions with her ki? Is it homebrewed?

As we stated in our Level 6 Update, Beau now has Mind of Mercury, allowing her to spend a ki to gain an additional reactions (max 2 reactions based on her INT mod). This is all part of the most recent class update to the Monk of the Cobalt Soul.

I am currently watching some of the one-shots done after campaign 1, and I was wondering if there are stats about those episodes!

There are! The easiest way to find information about past one-shots is using the One-Shot tag, especially if you’re looking for articles. If you’re looking for running times or who was present for each of CR’s one-shots (or just need the complete list), the links to those pages are always kept on our Running Stats page under the General Archives.

Is there a comparison to the number of times players rolled with advantage versus disadvantage in Campaign 1?

Vox Machina rolled with disadvantage a total of 351 times across 114 episodes. They rolled with advantage 984 times, or about 3 times more often than they rolled with disadvantage. By contrast, the Mighty Nein have rolled with disadvantage 152 times and advantage 246 times (only about a factor of 2!).

In Song of the Lorelei, Portia used an ability called Shared Passage to teleport herself and Benicio. Where does that come from?

That would stem from the Mark of Passage feat, found in Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron!

Have you/can you keep track of every time Liam used the Bane voice?

We track all media references every week, which you can find on the General Archives menu on our site! But, here is the collection up to episode 2-33:

  • (Ep1-35p1, 1:36:24) Liam: *into cup in Bane voice* Your punishment will be more severe!

  • (Ep1-36, 0:46:08) Liam: *into cup in Bane voice* Don’t do it, Percy!

  • (Ep1-58, 2:39:37) Liam: *does Bane voice* Find my Dominoes, here!

  • (Ep1-105, 2:43:27) Liam: *into cup in Bane voice* Your punishment will be more severe!

  • (Ep2-07, 1:56:08) Liam: *into cup in Bane voice* Regular gnoll!

  • (Ep2-22, 2:49:41) Liam: *imitates Bane* Your punishment will be more severe!

  • (Ep2-32, 3:04:21) Liam: *Bane voice* Oh, sorry…

  • (Ep2-34, 3:40:37) Liam: *Bane voice* I will walk 15 feet back into the tunnel I’m in.

Did Vex ever use a melee weapon?


  • (Ep1-30, 1:17:29) Stake Dagger

  • (Ep1-30, 1:17:42) Stake Dagger

  • (Ep1-62, 0:21:36) Broom

  • (Ep1-82, 3:48:28) Dagger

  • (Ep1-112, 3:17:01) Punch

How much has Caleb spent on paper and ink?

As of Ep2-34, we’re at 1250 gp.

How many times has Nott had her drinks paid for her?

This one is kind of hard to track since it’s not always clear who’s buying, or when drinks are included with room and board. It’s also significantly less now that she has a flask that gives her her drinks for free. With that in mind, here are some of the times where it was clear Nott had no part in the tab.

  • (Ep2-02, 0:56:10) Mollymauk, Nestled Nook Inn

  • (Ep2-02, 1:49:32) Jester, The Old Mud Hole

  • (Ep2-08, 0:21:33) Mollymauk, Feed and Mead

  • (Ep2-14, 0:55:30) The Gentleman, The Evening Nip

  • (Ep2-18, 1:05:38) Zadash, The Victory Pit Victors’ Party

  • (Ep2-24, 1:59:26) The Hour of Honor, The Blushing Tankard

  • (Ep2-32, 0:36:10) Alfield Townsfolk, Feed and Mead

  • (Ep2-33, 1:35:55) Caleb, The Lavish Chateau

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Thanks for your kind words! We’ve previously addressed why our site is set up the way it is on mobile (it would literally not function if we used the actual “mobile” option Squarespace offers). We’re sorry you find the accessibility widget difficult to manage, but we think the inconvenience of scrolling around the button is a small price to pay to ensure that our site is accessible for those who utilize the features the widget offers. We’d recommend playing around with the accessibility widget’s functions; it might help make the site less of a Nine Hellscape for you!