What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Sluice Weave

As The Mighty Nein wait to see what happens now that they’ve cut off Algar’s hand, they’re all standing, though some in much better shape than others. As a reminder, these stats are based on what we tracked. If something is presented otherwise in-game, what happens in-game is canon. We always defer to them.


Thanks to @dearHadrian for this art piece!

HP: 15 / 54
Ki: 3 / 6
Boots of the Vigilant

Beau still has half of her ki points available, which is excellent considering they had two battles back to back (monks regain ki on short rest). However, she’s hurting for hit points. Zsundie was consistently dealing at least 20 points of damage with their water jets, so if the M9 continue to fight them, she could be in some trouble with just one blast.


Thanks to @planarbindings for this art piece!

HP: 10 / 53

  • 1st: 3 / 4

  • 2nd: 2 / 3

  • 3rd: 3 / 3

  • Channel Divinity 1 / 2

  • Sentinel at Death’s Door 4 / 5

Caduceus is in even better shape than Caleb for spells, largely because he couldn’t cast much of anything against the first batch of water elementals, and got knocked unconscious twice against the marid. Healthwise, though, he’s badly hurt. Yet again, if the M9 choose to fight Zsundie, Caduceus is in danger.


Thanks to @midnigtchan for this art piece!

HP: 13 / 37

  • 1st: 3 / 4

  • 2nd: 0 / 3

  • 3rd: 1 / 3

  • Glove of Scorching Ray

  • Arcane Recovery (on short rest)

All things considered, Caleb is doing pretty okay in terms of spells remaining. His health is not great, but that’s not exactly easy to avoid when you have 37 hit points and an AC of 14 with Mage Armor (which he does have up currently). Like Beau, he’s in a significant amount of danger should the M9 continue to fight Zsundie.


Thanks to @Darantha for this art piece!

HP: 43 / 63
Spells: 0 / 2

Fjord is high on health and charisma, which will likely be important in the coming confrontation with Algar and potentially whatever they find when the Nein decides to resurface. The high health in particular is incredibly useful for surviving any further confrontation with Zsundie.


Thanks to @anthea_wright for this art piece!

HP: 35 / 48

  • 1st: < 2 / 4

  • 2nd: 0 / 3

  • 3rd: 1 / 3

  • Pearl of Power

  • Channel Divinity 1 / 2

Jester is definitely low on spells, and we can’t be sure how often she’s opted to refresh her Disguise Self since setting off from the Lavish Chateau in the morning. She’ll need some healing help from Caduceus to get the rest of the party out of danger, but she’ll have an easier time staying conscious in any confrontation that the M9 might run into before a short rest.


Thanks to @vcagno for this art piece!

HP: 47 / 47

  • 1st: 3 / 3

Nott might be the most fearful of water, but she’s had the easiest time against it. She’s still full on spells and health! Being able to hide has its perks.


Thanks to @janwahli for this art piece!

HP: 44 / 68
Rages: 1 / 3
Necrotic Shroud: 1 / 1
Healing Hands: 6 / 6 points available

Yasha has taken some damage, but nothing a raging barbarian can’t handle. Should they get out of the Sluice Weave the way they came, her strength will be crucial in replacing the grate to hide their entrance. She’ll also be key in tanking any damage that might be directed towards Beau, Caduceus, and Caleb, as they’re in the most danger of being knocked out.