Media References and Puns of 2-48 Homeward Bound

Fun Fact: This episode had the fewest media references for all of campaign 2!

Media References


  • (0:25:13) Dreef: What’s your name?  Beau: Beau. [...] Like a staff. Dreef: Do you use staffs?  Beau: Yeah, I do actually. Do you sell staffs? Dreef: No. It would be really funny if you used them, and you do, so that’s quite funny.  Caduceus: Beau bo. Beau’s bo! Dreff: That is what I’m talking about. Beau: Are you all really just making this connection? Really? Fjord: Truthfully, yeah.  Beau: Pull out my bo staff. Caduceus: You could put a bow on the bo of Beau’s bo. Fjord: You could! Yeah, then it would be Beau’s bo’s bow. Dreef: Wait! Matt: He turns around, rushes off real fast and rummages in the same cabinet. Comes back with a piece of ribbon and leans in to tie it around the bo.  Dreef: (cackles) Fjord: Beau’s bo’s bow.

  • (0:40:59) Matt: If it pinks, the knife sinks.

  • (0:56:32)  Travis’ Phone: I don’t know how to respond to that.  Matt: Beat me to it, Siri! Liam: What lazy role playing.  Travis: Yes and, b****!

  • (1:06:10) Sheila: I’m always tired! I’m tired of you coming in here, being nosy!

  • (1:44:25) Sam: Something that his master, Yussa Errenis, would find yussa-ful.

  • (3:01:44) Liam: I was hoping it was going to be The Salty Sea Nuts, but I wasn’t going to say that out loud.