Media References and Puns of 2-49 A Game of Names

Sometimes the name of the game IS the name.

Media References


  • (0:01:33) Sam: Yes we cantrip.

  • (0:01:38) Sam: Nott my president.

  • (0:01:45) Sam: Crit’s about to get real.

  • (0:01:49) Sam: I did Nott have sexual relations with that manticore.

  • (0:01:55) Sam: Putting the D in D&D Beyond.

  • (0:02:17) Sam: I’m going to need a campaign-- I’m sorry, a Sampaign manager.

  • (0:03:39) Sam: Under my Riegelship...

  • (0:04:43) Sam: Thank you, and god bless Samerica.

  • (0:10:48) Sam: Chair’otoa!

  • (1:20:53) Fjord: Your Wildmother-- the thing you did for me?  Beau: Caduceus is a wild mom? Jester: He is such a wild mom, he’s partying all the time!  Beau: So many wine spritzers. Sam: Moms gone wild.

  • (1:22:27) Caduceus: What do people throw monkeys into plans? What do people throw?  Nott: Wrench. Caduceus: Wrench. Yeah. He just wrenched our monkey.

  • (1:43:19) Sam: Next on Columbeau.

  • (2:43:38) Matt: You’re a chair! Taliesin: You don’t even have a leg to stand on!

  • (3:31:02) Laura: He f***ed me.  Travis: What?! GIL!