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I really want to know the attendance numbers of the live shows, but haven’t been able to find them on your site or elsewhere. Did I miss them? Do you have that info? I want to see how popular this nerdy hobby has become. Thanks for any help!

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to exact logistics, nor do we know if all live shows have been completely sold out. However, we do know the maximum seating capacity of each venue a live show has taken place. If we assume that every single show has been sold out (which is not far from the reality), we end up with 12,134 live attendees.

  • The Landmark, Los Angeles, CA: 255 (1 show)

  • Hilbert Circle Theatre, Indianapolis, IN: 1,786 (1 show)

  • Murat Theatre Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN: 2,600 (2 shows)

  • United Palace, New York, NY: 3,293 (1 show)

  • Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA: 1,600 (1 show)

Was Jester and Beau the first time someone in the M9 has said "love you" to another member? VM said it all the time so I can't remember.


  • (Ep2-11, 2:49:32) Nott told the whole group they were her friends and she loved them.

  • (Ep2-15, 3:25:37) Beau told Caleb she loved him, but to hurry up.

  • (Ep2-17, 3:26:04) Beau told Jester she loved her for healing her, though whether it was in character is debatable.

  • (Ep2-46, 1:29:36) Beau told Jester she loved her

  • (Ep2-46, 1:29:39) Jester told Beau she loved her

Are you tracking whispers for the new campaign?


What about healing from potions?


How about the books the Nein have come across?

We did publish all the smut up through episode 11 here. Other books include:

  • (Ep2-03, 1:20:15) Spellbook, Fiends of Folklore

  • (Ep2-13, 3:49:35) The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Sir Taryon Darrington

  • (Ep2-15, 3:30:33) Siff’s journal

  • (Ep2-16, 1:15:01) Spellbook

  • (Ep2-23, 1:47:35) Feathered Leather

  • (Ep2-42, 2:37:24) Avantika’s leather journal

  • (Ep2-45, 3:18:48, 3:19:19) Public Debate Records of the Forum of Zeidel, Theories Behind the Ice Fields and the Underreaches of Eiselcross, Spellbook

  • (Ep2-48, 0:36:06) Pastry cookbook, mushroom cookbook

  • (Ep2-48, 0:36:56) The Salty Sea (Romance Book), Hireling (History of Nicodranas)

Do the Nein still have an active quest for the Gentleman involving Marius? If so, how long to they have left to complete it?
The Nein do not currently have an active assignment from The Gentleman. The last conversation they had with him, he suggested they meet with a contact of his in Port Damali. The Nein’s investigation of Marius LePual was tied purely to the letter they found in the Sour Nest.

How many times has Caleb cast Haste on each member of The Mighty Nein?

  • Beau 3

  • Nott 3

  • Keg 2

  • Molly 1

  • Jester 1

  • Fjord 1

It felt like [Episode 49] contained the fewest dice rolls of any ep so far - do we know if that’s true?

Nope! It’s not even in the top five of campaign 2 (these are D20 rolls only, no damage/healing/hit dice):

  1. Ep 2-30 (19)

  2. Ep 2-09 (26)

  3. Ep 2-33 (27)

  4. Ep 2-34 (29)

  5. Ep 2-14 (31)

  6. Ep 2-48 and 2-49 (33)

And if we include campaign 1, it doesn’t even crack the top ten:

  1. Ep 1-73 (8)

  2. Ep 1-14 (10)

  3. Ep 1-57 (16)

  4. Ep 1-91 (19)

  5. Ep 2-30 (19)

  6. Ep 1-89 (24)

  7. Ep 1-104 (24)

  8. Ep 2-09 (26)

  9. Ep 1-60 (27)

  10. Ep 2-33 (27)

I am looking for the battle map actions [for the Epic Level Battle Royale], like the timing in the initiative order in which the flames activate, what’s the radius/ damage, and other "Lair" actions.

The lair actions activated at initiative count 20. The actions were:

  • Lightning Tower Spark

    • Radius: Unknown

    • Damage: Unknown

  • Anti-Magic Flair

    • Radius: Inside the chamber

    • Damage: Unknown

  • Brazier Explosion

    • Radius: Around the outside of the towers

    • Damage: Unknown (Keyleth took 30 fire on a failed dexterity save of 15)

Please update https://www.critrolestats.com/blog/you-can-certainly-try …, 2 years later!
Does Percy call anyone except Vex'ahlia and Cassandra "dear"?
How many times has Marisha climbed onto her chair?

We have so many things we already track for this campaign, we really don’t have time to take on projects like these. However, the transcripts over at CRTranscript are your friend for your word-related curiosities!

Do you think you could hyperlink your posts [on Tumblr] to the post on your site that you’re talking about? I know it sounds like a silly thing but it makes it much simpler to go read something and frankly more likely that I will.

We used to, and then Tumblr started having issues with non-Tumblr links, so we stopped. You can refer to this post here. We’ve also discovered that having a non-Tumblr link in our post causes Tumblr to keep our post from appearing in the Critical Role tag, and we’d like it to be seen by as many Critters as possible!