CRStats Favorite Moments Episodes 2-40 - The Night Before Critmas

As we begin 2019, let us celebrate the end of Critical Role in 2018 with CritRoleStat’s list of favorite moments since 2-40. And, in preparation for Talks Machina’s campaign review episode Tuesday, January 8, we invite you to revisit our other favorite moments from this campaign:

Now, onto the list!

Thanks to @D_Talvi for this art piece!

  • The Mighty Nein look at the murals in the temple of Uk’otoa (Ep2-40, 0:21:18)

  • Fjord gives the remaining air in his lungs to save Jester (Ep2-40, 1:26:03)

  • Nott saves Caduceus with Feather Fall and a shield sled (Ep2-40, 1:31:24, 1:33:59)

  • Caleb gives Caduceus the periapt of wound closure (Ep2-41, 0:11:56)

  • Nott and Jester discuss kisses (Ep2-41, 0:20:55)

Thanks to @CandaceAprilLee for this art piece!

  • Jester starts learning how to tattoo from Orly (Ep2-41, 0:34:31)

  • The Nein explore the options with their new special paint and brush (Ep2-41, 2:27:26)

  • The Traveler talks to Jester (Ep2-41, 2:55:31)

  • Jester and Caleb talk (Ep2-42, 1:08:49)

Thanks to @sketchingsprw for this art piece!

  • Tova rounds up the Honeys (HH3, 0:07:04)

  • Bearah Pawcett hacks the 00Salmon (HH3, 0:45:07)

  • The Midnight Maven tries to talk to Crispin Glover (HH3, 1:20:42)

  • The Midnight Maven flirts with the guard (HH3, 2:06:20)

  • “Bears before bros.” The Honeys walk into the lab. (HH3, 2:34:06)

  • The Honeys are deeply unimpressed with Bearsley’s logic (HH3, 2:37:15, 2:57:45)

  • Caleb casts Counterspell (Ep2-43, 0:21:30)

  • Fjord summons a barlgura (Ep2-43, 0:57:22)

  • Jester spreads the word against Avantika as a regular pirate (Ep2-43, 1:22:01)

  • Caleb gets revived and immediately casts Fireball (Ep2-43, 1:32:57)

  • Beau bargains with the Plank King (Ep2-43, 2:07:54)

  • The Mighty Nein vs. Avantika (Ep2-43, 2:16:23)

  • Caleb gets his cat back (Ep2-43, 2:46:08)

  • Jester and Fjord talk (Ep2-43, 2:58:03)

Thanks to @_StrawberryFox_ for this art piece!

  • Jester and Caduceus both have Control Water (Ep2-43, 3:02:12)

  • Captain Buttonbeard (Ep2-43, 3:06:58)

  • Nott summons Captain Buttonbeard (Ep2-44, 2:17:09)

  • Beau punches a ghost (Ep2-44, 3:59:56)

  • Beau and Nott speak Halfling, and Fjord wants to know what they’re saying (Ep2-45, 0:20:07)

  • Beau, Nott, and Jester find Twiggy (Ep2-45, 0:25:51)

  • Twiggy meets the Nein (Ep2-45, 0:40:09)

  • Beau asks to train as Fjord’s First Mate (Ep2-45, 1:01:35)

  • Caleb and Twiggy chat (Ep2-45, 1:09:23, 1:20:32)

Thanks to @tissuebox4anna for this art piece!

  • Jester and Nott wonder if Twiggy has been brought in to replace them (Ep2-45, 2:25:23)

  • Fjord tries to talk his way out of battling a young blue dragon (Ep2-45, 3:23:03)

  • The Traveler is there for Jester (Ep2-45, 4:40:35)

  • Nott burns the dragon’s reaction and is left with ONE HIT POINT (Ep2-45, 4:43:34, 4:45:35)

  • Twiggy gets the HDYWTDT on the dragon (Ep2-45, 4:46:41)

  • Beau and Caduceus talk over tea (Ep2-45, 4:58:47)

  • Nott is concerned whether Yasha gave them funerals (Ep2-46, 0:49:45)

Thanks to @cha_chi_san for this art piece!

  • Caduceus gives Keisha a hug (Ep2-46, 0:57:55)

  • Hello, bees! (Ep2-46, 1:00:11)

  • Beau and Jester talk (Ep2-46, 1:25:16)

Thanks to Brandon Shigaki (@Morphenominal12) for this art piece!

  • Yasha’s vision (Ep2-46, 1:50:30)

  • Yasha, Jester, and Caduceus talk over tea (Ep2-46, 2:31:10)

  • We meet the elves (The Night Before Critmas, 0:03:42)

  • Chutney turns on Santa (The Night Before Critmas, 4:08:51)