Monster Analysis: Yasha's Storm Trial

Thanks to cary-atherton-art for this art piece!

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-46 A Storm of Memories

  • Armor Class 14-18 

  • 94 damage taken, killed by Yasha ripping out its core (untallied)

“Show me. Show me what is important, what is worth protecting. This storm was birthed only for you.”

One of the Prime Deities of Exandria, the Stormlord (Kord) has dominion over the storm and battle. The first commandment of the Stormlord, quite literally, is “Bravery over all.” The Stormlord brings fierce tempests, and challenges his followers to find where their strength lies in the fields of battle and adversity.

The Stormlord’s lightning emissary seems to be a Mercer-original creature that functioned similarly to elementals (though it’s unclear whether it was elemental, celestial, or a combination of both). It had two physical attacks (claw/shove, similar to an elemental’s slam attack) and a rechargeable Anger of the Tempest attack that required a DC 16-20 Dexterity Save. On a failure, the affected creature takes lightning damage and drops whatever they are holding. On a success, the creature takes half damage and maintains their hold.

Just like the storm, this emissary was brought to take on only Yasha, a fact that Yasha and Jester realized when Jester entered the fray to heal the badly-wounded barbarian. The emissary grew from medium (“1 to 1 with Yasha”) to large and seemed hardier until Jester backed up enough to appease it, after which it shrunk back to medium size.

Powering through the stunning effect of the lightning, climbing the masts to chase down the figure as it assaulted her from the air, and losing grip of her sword, Yasha finished the fight with her bare hands with the last of her strength (literally one hit point), ripping the electrified core from the entity. With her strength proven to the Stormlord, Jester and Caduceus saw to Yasha’s wounds with spells, epiphanies, and tea as the weather subsided.

“You got a sign! … Well. Somebody is paying attention. Congratulations.” - Caduceus Clay