Media References and Puns of 2-46 A Storm of Memories

Behold, a harbinger of the after show for the show of nerdy-ass voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons, whose return we have long awaited: media references and puns from the latest episode of Critical Role! Get hyped.

Media References


  • (0:34:58) Caduceus: It’s mostly seitan and… Liam: Hail Satan!

  • (0:51:00) Caduceus: Was “alive or not” a joke?

  • (0:51:51) Fjord: That’s my middle name: Fjord Practical… Marisha: It’s the next sedan coming out.  Laura: Minivan. Liam: Test drive a Fjord Practical today.

  • (0:52:52) Fjord: Are you going to show us all the notches on your upper delt?  Yasha: Well, I can, but I ran out of notches on my belt.

  • (1:13:31) Sam: It’s where Santa Cross lives.

  • (1:22:02) Orly: Cap’n, I think we’re heading into a proper storm.  Beau: Damn, could you be more ominous, Orly? Were you trying--? Orly: Cap’n, we’re heading into a *proper storm*.

  • (2:37:40) Caduceus: The ship’s name makes sense now. *points at Yasha* Eater of balls.  Jester: Oh yeah! And also our captain eats balls!

  • (2:47:35) Fjord: Which direction are we pointing?  Beau: The one we’re heading in, Fjord. Which is the only way we could be heading.  Fjord: Which is? Beau: Towards our destiny.

  • (2:49:43) Marisha: To be fair, he’s eaten some balls. You’ve fought some balls. You’ve eaten some balls. You busted a ball.  Nott: We’ve all had a couple of balls in our mouth before. Caduceus: We spent 6 days in a happy fun ball. That’s a lot of balls. This is practically a ball pit.

  • (3:49:30) Liam: Yeah, how are you going to handle the shaft?