Talks Machina Stats: Campaign 2, 2018 Edition

We gathered FAR more stats than the ones that made it on tonight’s Talks Machina. Here’s the Director’s Cut version of Campaign 2 stats.

  • Nine/Nein has been said at least 733 times.

  • Matt has facepalmed 80 times. By this episode in Campaign 1, he had facepalmed 77 times.

  • Beau has technically cast the highest level spell, Conjure Elemental.

  • Caduceus has prevented 38 damage from critical hits with Sentinel at Death’s Door.

  • Caleb’s smell has been commented on 49 times.

  • Fjord has absorbed two swords and two cloven crystals.

  • Jester has pulled 35 pranks.

  • Molly has been gone for 85 days.

  • Nott has cast Message 50 times.

  • Yasha has put four types of plants in her book since meeting TM9: flowers from Nott, a handful of posies, bark from a lightning-struck tree, and a white flower bud.

  • The Mighty Nein adopted disguises 91 times.

  • Beau continues to have the most Nat20s (53) and Nat1s (36), but Caleb edges her out on the Nat20 rate (6.74% to her 6.42%). Jester leads the Nat1 rate (5.29%) for the humanoid members of the Mighty Nein.

  • Most Damage Dealt: Nott (1576), Fjord (1569), Beau (1556)

  • Most Damage Taken: Beau (705), Fjord (598), Yasha (530)

  • Most Cast Spells: Alarm (116), Disguise Self (86), Message (73)