Media References and Puns of 2-79 Through the Trees

Beware the Wraithroot, my friends!
The bark that bites, the twigs that catch!
Beware the Laughing Hand, and defend
Against fiendish plans hatched!

Media References

  • (0:00:22) Matt: It is Bigben Entertainment and Paranoia.

  • (0:01:19) Sam: ...or the medically dangerous amounts of RockStar energy drink I’ve consumed.

  • (0:01:32) Sam: Would you be surprised to learn that Marilyn Monroe is not only alive, but she’s a vampire, and she wrote “Old Town Road” as a mind control experiment for the CIA?

  • (0:01:45) Sam: Have you heard that if you Naruto run backwards while listening to “I Am the Walrus,” the lyrics say, “Taylor Swift was on the grassy knoll”?!

  • (0:01:57) Sam: Did you learn that they K-Pop band BTS is made entirely out of wood?

  • (0:02:05) Sam: That the Large Hadron Collider is a Sizzler for the Illuminati?!

  • (0:02:38) Sam: I’ve got to burn this iPad before the Men in Black show up!

  • (0:02:54) Liam: Rockstar energy drink: not actually a sponsor of the show.  Marisha: Neither is Sizzler.

  • (0:04:14) Marisha: Un-Deadwood!

  • (0:04:38) Marisha: Mini Primetime with Will Friedle.

  • (0:05:12) Sam: Laura and Travis are off to New York Comic Con next week…

  • (0:05:28) Sam: ...that our sponsor for this one shot is the one and only Wendy’s.

  • (0:06:22) Matt: ...such as Mica Burton, Clint McElroy, Rachel Miner, Brian Posehn, Joe Starr, and Dan Telfer

  • (0:07:56) Laura: That was designed by @caeora and our beautiful wraps, the calligrapher on that is Chris Gladis and he’s amazing.

  • (0:08:12) Laura: We have some awesome David Mack portraits…

  • (0:10:50) Sam: 32 Flavors. (Baskin Robbins)

  • (0:25:22) Sam: Paranoia: Happiness is Magic-- Mandatory. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

  • (0:26:35) Marisha: Can I pull some Tarzan s***?

  • (0:48:37) Matt: Basically the Troy-Abed handshake.

  • (0:53:07) Travis: No toes! No capes! (The Incredibles)

  • (0:55:26) Matt: An empty 5-Hour Energy Drink bottle.

  • (0:55:46) Sam and Laura: *singing* Two by two! (“Two By Two” from The Book of Mormon)

  • (0:58:35) Matt: You know the sequence in Lord of the Rings where they hide from the Nazgul?

  • (1:11:16) Liam: It doesn’t like Pulp Fiction?

  • (1:12:25) Liam: Okay, so we’re doing this. (“Ten Duel Commandments” from Hamilton)

  • (1:27:02) Liam: ...and Redman from Wu-Tang.  Travis: Did you say Wu-Tang? I heard “from Wu-Tang” and I just wanted to know if the RZA or if anyone else would be joining us. I’m a big fan. Could use some signatures on this sword.  

  • (1:27:20) Marisha: I’m down to bring the motherf***ing ruckus. (“Bring da Ruckus” by Wu-Tang Clan) NSFW

  • (1:32:08) Sam: ....Wu-Tang.

  • (1:32:22) Sam: The Rufus Wainwright tree.

  • (1:33:30) Sam: No. Sleep. ‘Til Rufus Wainwright! (“No Sleep Till Brooklyn” by Beastie Boys)

  • (1:35:27) Sam: What if we walk out of the Wainwright tree...

  • (2:10:21) Taliesin: Fly like an eagle… (“Fly like an Eagle” by The Steve Miller Band)

  • (2:47:21) Marisha: We line up, we give them that Avengers line up with Nott included…

  • (2:58:43) Sam, singing: Don’t know how to play? Laura: We’ll show you the way! Liam: Eyeball eyeball eyeball… (Handbooker Helper)

  • (2:58:52) Matt: Jeremy Crawford tweeted

  • (3:00:47) Liam: Round two. Marisha: Fight! (Mortal Kombat)

  • (3:03:30) Sam: Skadoosh. (Kung Fu Panda)

  • (3:25:48) Liam: You’ve got Guidance. (AOL, “You’ve got mail.”)

  • (3:47:42) Travis: Let them fight. (Godzilla)

  • (3:48:19) Marisha: Na-na-na-na-nineteen! (”Nineteen″ by Paul Hardcastle)

  • (3:48:30) Sam, singing: I like to do drawings! Liam, singing: My name is Caleb and I like to do drawings! Sam, singing in a German accent: Well hello my name is Caleb! (Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings)

  • (3:54:11) Travis: C’mon Groot.

  • (3:54:12) Liam: C’mon Giving Tree!

  • (3:55:13) Sam, singing: Looks like we made it!

  • (3:58:30) Marisha: I do declare! (Gone With the Wind)

  • (4:15:18) Laura: Round three! (Mortal Kombat)

  • (4:17:47) Taliesin: Lightsaber up, lightsaber down.

  • (4:18:40) Sam: You know when we can always guarantee a victory? When we dine on Wendy’s food next week. (...) You always win with Wendy’s.

  • (4:19:20) Liam: It’s Wendy’s Thursday.


  • (1:11:01) Sam: Its bark is worse than its bite!

  • (1:11:16) Liam: [The tree] doesn’t like Pulp Fiction?

  • (1:14:00) Caleb: That’s lunacy.  Nott: I don’t know the meaning of the word. Really, though.  Fjord: It has to do with the moon. The “lun” that you “see.”

  • (1:37:11) Sam: He polished your dome?

  • (2:47:22) Marisha: We give them that Avengers line up, with Nott included, but it’s an illusion Nott, and invisible Nott is sneaking up… And there’s an illusion Nott the entire time, but the real Nott is sneaking up and stealing his s***! Sam: I just realized how confusing my name is in all these conversations.