Quick Answers 71

Was Perkins the first guest player to ever lose a PC in the main campaign, or have there been others?
We answered this as part of our Talks Machina stats (episode 99), but to post it here: yes.

Was Spurt the quickest entrance and exit of a guest?
Chris was at the table as Spurt for 6.5 fewer minutes than Will and Mary Elizabeth’s cameo in Episode 114, making it the shortest single appearance of a guest player (22:25 to 27:59, respectively).

What does AoO mean [in your livetweeting]?
Attack of opportunity. (Trying to save some characters, ya know?)

Any stats out there on how many times Liam/Caleb has cast Alarm and gestured placing the wire as he casts it?
Do you have a number for how many different/unique spells Caleb has cast so far in the campaign?
As of episode 2-50, Caleb has cast 43 unique spells. He has cast Alarm 140 times. As for how many times he’s gestured, you’d have to check those 140 instances out. Luckily for you, we have each spell timestamped!

How many times has Jester healed the party?
Jester has healed the party with spells 60 times.

You can always find how many times a spell has been cast by looking at our Spells Cast chart.

Any link to see the leveling progress of TM9? Did anyone remember M9's 8th level stats?
Level progress here, and 8th level stats update here.

How much did The Mighty Nein get from the ship they pirated?
The only loot they got to keep was what they hid from Avantika right after their piracy. Anything that they gave to her was either given to the Plank King as tithe or taken by him and the Revelry when she was tried for treason.

Have you got a number for the collective number of attacks Percy has made with firearms?
Excluding one-shots, Percy attacked a total of 585 times. Of those, 510 were actual shots with one of his firearms. The remaining 75 were a combination of swords, Diplomacy, Manners, a javelin, and one notable instance where he used Bad News as a club.

Did Matt ever mention that VM missed some of the Vestiges of Divergence during their campaign?
VM didn’t miss any of the Vestiges that they knew existed. There are additional Vestiges in Matt’s Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, but Kamaljiori did not inform VM of their existence.

I would like to request that @CritRoleStats keep track of any and all "Spurt" jokes from here on out.
We listed those puns in our Media References and Puns post for episode 50!

How long have The Mighty Nein been traveling together?
That’s always available on our In-Game Time Passed page!

Has there been any evidence of the Nein getting haircuts or can I assume everyone is getting shaggy?

Most hygiene-related activities happen outside the purview of the audience; any appearance changes are dictated by the players directly. If a character has chosen to go the shaggy route, we’d have to hear admission from the player controlling them.

Is anyone keeping count of how many times Sam asks Laura what Blessing of the Trickster does?

Not that we know of! If you’re interested, we’d recommend going to CRTranscript and doing a page search for “advantage on stealth.”

Is there a summary of all of Fjord's dreams/visions, similar to your articles on what the M9 know about each other vs what we know about them?
We did a post about Fjord and Uk’otoa, and we have a quote compendium about Fjord’s past that has the text for all of those dreams.