Media References and Puns of 2-51 Xhorhas

City of Beasts, Sorrow Seap, dark powers over time and space, roc that shreds, and a tattooed bugbear... Confirmed: Xhorhas metal af.

Media References


  • (0:01:21) Sam: Mi amour. Your fiery interface makes a player weak.
    It’s why I advertise my love for you every week.

    You know me deep down, your perception isn’t passive
    When you’re near my heart is throbbing and massive.

    Your stats are maxed out, chica, you have it all.
    Everything on you is a twenty, and it’s always… naturale.

    Tonight let’s roll a six and nine, near the stars above.
    I know one skill you’re proficient at: making love.

    Your Burning Hands, your Shocking Grasp, foreplay.
    I must hold my action or I might Color Spray.

    But do not worry, I’ll Expeditiously Retreat to the bathroom,
    pop a little blue Good Berry, regenerate for Round 2.

    No need to be stealthy, you always get me screaming.
    Your Finger of Death makes me cry out-- Nope, can’t say that while we’re streaming.

    I will click open your app, pour a glass of Zinfandel,
    ‘cause there’s no save that can block your spell.

    Tonight, you’re Renee Zellweger, and I’m Colin Firth!
    You control my tiny servant; did we just Move Earth?

    Ours is a passion that can never be unzipped.
    It’s as eternal as your sweet, sweet sponsorship.

    You make my soul feel lawful good, it’s true.
    And tonight, I want to roll my dice all over you.

    On your iPad, please keep my heart, stats, and treasure.
    And D&D Beyond, I promise, I’ll subscribe to you forever.

  • (0:16:21) Travis: Yeah, they smell like vinegar after a bit. Balsamic. Matt: Ball-samic.

  • (0:26:43) Laura: We can definitely- Sam: Takeable! Takeable. [...] Taliesin: Are we bribing these people? Are they on the take?

  • (0:35:50) Liam: Sechs, for Valentine’s.

  • (0:48:33) Sam: Welcome to Xhorhasic Park.

  • (1:15:51) Laura: If things go poorly, head for the hole. [...] Liam: It is Valentine’s Day.

  • (1:23:10) Liam and Travis: Extract that a**. Laura: Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • (1:59:03) Sam: Man, that Vacuum Blast sucked. Marisha: F*** you, Dyson.

  • (3:18:10) Liam: Ifolon the river and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

  • (3:29:43) Matt: It’s not a healthy roc. It’s Xhorhasian roc. It’s a different breed.  Travis: It’s a different kind of roc. Marisha: Alt-roc.