Media References and Puns of 2-52 Feral Business

Coming soon, from the producers of Survivor: Darktow, the new hit show Abyssal Demon Warrior!

Media References


  • (0:06:48) Laura: I’ve got one more thing I want to tell you about, which is…  Liam: Witches!

  • (0:39:08) Matt: Since Caleb’s only seen one dude’s tiefling… long may he reign indeed!

  • (0:39:42) Sam: Long and wide may he reign!

  • (1:11:09) Nott: ...his piercing eyes!  Caleb: Those were his horns that were piercing.

  • (1:11:35) Liam: Nott-breaker Oloman.  Sam: Saddle up!

  • (2:04:47) Matt: ...your brand new spanking dice box.  Travis: You’re giving out spankings? Matt: You should be so lucky.

  • (2:07:12) Sam: But a goth ferret.  Laura: Yeah! Matt: A Garret.

  • (2:32:20) Beau: (to Yasha, who is grappling the tail of the shoosuva) You chasing tail? [...] Sam: Does her tiefling dick grow back?

  • (3:34:15) Liam: The horny one and the little green lady… Taliesin: Beau and Nott? Sure.

  • (3:41:18) Sam: We’re an investigative duo. We’re known as Jango and Nash, and ...