Media References and Puns of 2-54 Well Beneath

Well, well, well. The Mighty Nein just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Media References

  • (0:04:25) Liam: You’ll go on Hot Pepper Gaming seventeen times, but you won’t go skiing?

  • (0:04:42) Laura: Travis has Ring girl, you have skiing.

  • (0:58:11) Taliesin: I was expecting more Tinker Bell.

  • (1:04:23) Liam: The Slender Man?

  • (1:05:27) Matt: Ren Hoek-style.

  • (1:15:24) Marisha: Erin Brockovich s***.

  • (1:47:56) Liam: Although she does hand you armor the size of Teddy Ruxpin.

  • (2:27:21) Matt: Sorry, we were having discussion about who was better, Joel or Mike. (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)

  • (2:32:48) Sam: Hobo barrel? Liam: That’s a great juggalo song.

  • (2:44:29) Liam: That’s just, like, your opinion, man. (The Big Lebowski)

  • (2:50:22) Matt: You see Jester’s Spiritual Weapon swinging wildly like some weird Willy Wonka nightmare.

  • (3:02:21) Matt: It withdraws even further up, almost Exorcist crawling up into the corner even further.

  • (3:13:11) Travis: Misty Step in the direction that they seem to have disapparated. That Harry Potter…

  • (3:17:53) Marisha: Can I jump through the window, squeeze double speed?  Travis: Trinity! (The Matrix)

  • (3:18:10) Taliesin: Old school Superman.

  • (3:19:06) Liam: Mmm whatcha say. (“Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap and the Mmm Whatcha Say meme)

  • (3:22:35) Travis: She’s going American Gladiators through the window.

  • (3:25:49) Matt: You are Winnie the Pooh trying to exit Rabbit’s Howse right now.

  • (3:32:37) Matt: *singing* It’s the power of love! (Huey Lewis)

  • (3:32:42) Taliesin: We could Rick Roll.  Travis: *singing* Never gonna give you up!


  • (0:55:53) Liam: Head south.  Taliesin: This whole conversation’s going south.

  • (1:10:58) Taliesin: I’m going to Yelp other wells in the area, see if they have any with a low rating. Matt: Welp.

  • (2:52:40) Sam: Beauregard. Ain’t no Slow-regard!

  • (3:03:28) Marisha: I’m going to do a little roll past Fjord… [...] Laura: (like Critical Role theme) Roll! Liam: Beauregard roll.

  • (3:15:54) Nott: What happens when a moorbounder enters a feline beauty contest? It’s a cat-tastrophe!

  • (3:18:12) Sam: She ain’t no Slow-regard! Not gonna go-regard!  Matt: No, Sam, no! Sam: No-regard!

  • (3:20:59) Sam: Don’t let the bed bugbears bite.