Monster Analysis: Succubus and Incubus (Bugbear Hovel)

Thanks to @T00t_Sparkle for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 1-92 Deals in the Dark

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-54 Well Beneath

  • Armor Class 15

  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 15

  • Speed 30 ft, 60 ft flying

  • Resistant to cold, fire, lightning, poison, and nonmagical weapon damage

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 66, 102

    • Incubus: 36 taken

    • Succubus: 60 damage taken

Incubi and succubi are essentially the same fiend; the only difference between the two is their preferred presented gender. Ultimately, this presentation means little value to the fiend themselves, as they will take whatever form is necessary to tempt a target within their dreams toward corruption. After the target of their “affections” falls prey to betrayal of thought, word, and deed, the succubus and incubus can reap their corrupted soul as their reward.

This brief encounter provided an opportunity for a hastened Beau to test out what she learned in Dairon’s training, employing Extract Aspects to learn the full array of damage resistances incubi and succubi possess. Jester, Nott, and Caleb used that knowledge to fire necrotic, magical piercing, and acid damage to the fiends, ensuring that their attacks dealt full damage. Fjord cast Shadow of Moil for the first time, which obscured him and would have dealt damage to anyone who hit him.

These seductive demons are not particularly suited for combat. Indeed, they didn’t raise a hand against the party at all, opting to attempt to charm them instead. Seeing them already influencing Umadon the bugbear and prepared for a fiendish encounter from Jester’s information, Caduceus’ Beacon of Hope was ready to block their mind-influencing abilities.

When the fiends realized that they were in a losing battle, they retreated to the tunnel beneath the well via their ability to enter the Ethereal Plane at-will. Their ethereal forms made retreat all the more easier, preventing anyone not able to reach into the Ethereal Plane from landing attacks against them. They also issued a challenge to the Nein to follow them into the well… which, of course, the Nein will oblige.