Media References and Puns for The Search for Grog

To the Ace! Throw it back now, y'all.
Vox Machina, let's go to work!
One card this time!
...No cards this time!
Slide to Vasselheim!
Slide to Pandemonium!
Plane shift real smooth.

Media References

  • (0:23:20) Sam: *singing* I have slayed Chroma Conclave, I have taught Vecna Counterspell, only to be with you, only to be with you! But we still gotta find our goliath friend! (“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2)

  • (0:24:08) Sam: Not a U2 fan!

  • (0:37:18) Sam: I’m going to command my Unseen Servant to puppeteer Grog’s arms, Weekend at Bernie’s style.

  • (0:46:53) Sam: I wish, it’s not for me, it’s for my friend! (“Prologue” from Into the Woods)

  • (1:40:10) Travis: You’re like f***ing E.T.  Matt: In a true E.T. moment…

  • (1:48:18) Matt: It’s a brave new world!

  • (1:51:45) Liam: Could you give us five small pain reacts then five medium reacts? (voice direction)

  • (2:29:19) Marisha: Inside the sphere of silence. (“The Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel)

  • (2:36:33) Sam: *singing* Bertrand Bell, Bertrand Bell, it’s silver fox time real soon. Bertrand Bell, Bertrand Bell, he’ll make the ladies swoon! (“Silver Bells” by Bing Crosby)

  • (2:41:18) Sam: It’s that Reed Richards thing you’ve got going on.

  • (3:00:15) Sam: There’s a GWAR show here at 12:30.

  • (3:08:12) Liam: C’mon, Kuato. (Total Recall)

  • (3:11:27) Travis: Not a problem. This is similar to my last trip here. Ma. Ma. Ma. (Archer)

  • (3:34:35) Ashley: I’ll be next to Lieve’tel Schreiber. (Liev Schreiber)

  • (3:56:11) Matt: As you scoot through, Legolas-style.

  • (3:57:03) Liam: *singing* Everybody dance now! (“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory)

  • (3:57:11) Sam: *singing* Kiki, do you love me? Are you fighting? Do you need your Scanlan to help you, ‘cause you’re not… (“In My Feelings” by Drake) NSFW

  • (3:57:41) Taliesin: You dropped the bass!

  • (3:58:06) Marisha: Do the Hustle! (“The Hustle” by Van McCoy)

  • (3:58:08) Matt: It goes into a straight Riverdance.

  • (4:18:07) Marisha: Come down with a flying superman punch.

  • (4:19:11) Marisha and Matt: Not like this!

  • (4:20:07) Matt: Now we have this Kaiju battle going on at the top of the tower.

  • (4:20:38) Travis: As I watch Pacific Rim rage above me…

  • (4:29:24) Sam: *singing* You ain’t nothing but a dumb Grog, drinking all the time. You ain’t nothing but a dumb Grog f***ing all the time. Well, you ain’t got no self control, but you are the best friend of mine! (“Hound Dog” by Elvis)


  • (1:43:08) Liam: Oh, it’s pandemonium in here!

  • (2:03:24) Bob: I thank you all so very much for your presence and your presents!

  • (2:04:48) Scanlan: I think we have bigger fish to fry. [...]  Keyleth: I think Scanlan’s right. I think there’s bigger githzerai!

  • (2:43:48) Laura: Which ones are engaged right now?  Matt: All of them. [...] Marisha: Congratulations, Ashley and Brian, by the way! [...] Liam: Does that mean Ashley and Brian are vulnerable to sneak attack damage right now?

  • (3:55:10) Laura: He’s engaged, right?  Matt: Right. Well, you haven’t asked him.

  • (4:14:08) Sam: More like Arkhan the Fool!

  • (4:14:10) Liam: Literally shots fired!