Media References and Puns of 2-53 Cornered

Thanks to @whichlich for this art piece!

Media References


  • (0:03:36) Taliesin: There’s a lot to un-alpalca there.

  • (0:23:03) Caleb Did you learn a lot? Jester: SO much. Caleb: Name three parts of the boat. Jester: The poopdeck. The port side. And the mast.

  • (0:23:57) Beau: A wet dream?  Fjord: Not wet. There was moisture.  Caduceus: It was an extremely wet dream. There’s a big puddle over there from it.  Fjord: Yes. I had another wet dream.

  • (0:27:45) Caleb: Caleb Widogast is my name.  Nott: That’s actually not your name.

  • (0:34:37) Nott: Did you just say “just Fjording it out”?  Fjord: Just sporting it out Nott: Please don’t use your name as a verb.  Fjord: I’ll Fjord you later for that. Nott: You will Nott.

  • (0:42:52) Sam: He’s Fjording it.

  • (0:51:38) Matt: Famil-urine.

  • (0:52:18) Nott: Show that p***y who’s boss!

  • (1:33:04) Madam Musk: Tumor moss. Liam: It’s two mimosas?

  • (1:39:07) Sam: Each whisper is an opportunity, a whipertunity.