Media References and Puns of 2-58 Wood and Steel

With apologies to Jeff Goldblum.

Media References

  • (0:00:19) Ashley: It’s a wild Ashley at the table! (Pokémon)

  • (0:03:50) Ashley: What is this, 1956? What, do you go home and watch Mad Men at night and pretend that’s how the world still is?

  • (0:04:24) Ashley: Are the people supposed to rally behind a guy who looks like a donkey wearing a Jeff Goldblum mask?

  • (0:05:40) Marisha: So that roast of Sam Riegel will be on Comedy Central

  • (0:07:51) Taliesin: Seven days… [...] Travis: I kinda wanted to keep it on the Kickstarter, can we not make it about The Ring?

  • (0:08:51) Matt: … I stop and close my eyes and reminisce about the times at Halloween Horror Nights that we let Travis go first.

  • (0:09:00) Liam: It’s like you have Freddie Mercury with you, hitting the high notes.

  • (0:09:05) Sam: Mariah Carey.

  • (0:09:41) Matt: … with a very special guest, Joel Hodgson, from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • (0:10:51) Taliesin: This Old Beanie would be really good for a sewing show. (This Old House)

  • (0:25:42) Marisha: Yeah, I’ll just look for the ass-trumpeters that are sometimes in the margins, then it’ll just blend right in. (Medieval manuscripts. Not kidding.)

  • (0:26:07) Travis: Be back at the inn at hiiiiiigh 12 o’clock. (Overwatch)

  • (0:28:24) Matt: You know that gif of Will Ferrell trying to drink wine while he’s in the moving bed and it’s spilling everywhere?

  • (0:30:37) Matt: The immediate comparison of half-orc him to half-orc Fjord is, it’s a Laurel and Hardy sketch.

  • (1:10:42) Marisha: I lift up and show her my abs Jersey Shore style.

  • (1:12:50) Travis, singing: Turn around… (“Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Taylor)

  • (1:21:08) Marisha: Would you be My Fair Lady

  • (1:37:58) Liam: Don’t be fooled by the donkey in the Jeff Goldblum mask.

  • (1:40:18) Taliesin: The Dungeon Master will remember this. (Telltale Games)

  • (1:40:56) Matt: A whole series of Sephora-like smells…

  • (1:57:16) Matt: I remember walking into 7-11s and they have the 5-hour

  • (2:28:40) Travis: Purple wood… Everyone: Purple wood. (“Purple Rain” by Prince)

  • (2:34:09) Taliesin: Max pace might be -- Let’s take a… Let’s be gentle. Marisha: Medium pace? Taliesin: Stop it! (“Medium Pace” by Adam Sandler)

  • (2:43:14) Taliesin: We’re going to take the road less traveled, and that will make all the difference.

  • (2:46:01) Sam: Remember Van Gogh?

  • (3:46:40) Liam, singing: There are big tall terrible giants in the mine! (“Giants in the Sky” from Into the Woods)


  • (0:02:43) Liam: The tabletop is yours.

  • (0:04:55) Ashley: We may not always have this delicious of a lead, but lesbihonest, polls are meant to be ridden.

  • (0:05:14) Ashley: So this year, #VotewithYourJohnson, and vote O’Brien for president.

  • (0:10:51) Taliesin: This Old Beanie would be really good for a sewing show.

  • (0:41:07) Sam: His name’s Fjord. (...) Fjord Tough.

  • (1:21:08) Marisha: Would you be My Fair Lady…

  • (2:25:02) Marisha: I only got one dick in! Sam: That’s all we can ever hope for. Laura: Maybe someday you’ll get more.

  • (2:28:11) Travis: A shaft. Laura: It’s a big shaft.

  • (2:35:40) Sam: It’s my husband! He’s lonely! Give him your weasel!