What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Possessed Stone Giant Edition

Thanks to @JDIllustrates for this art piece!

The Mighty Nein took out the more obvious demons Soorna told them about in the giant fortress with relative ease, but something else was lurking in the shadows. This week’s “What Does the Mighty Nein Have Left” is a little more optimistic than usual; Fjord’s in rough shape, but everyone else has nearly every tool at their disposal.



Thanks to @leonardo_cino for this art piece!

  • HP: 54/76

  • Ki points: 7/9

  • About 45 minutes left on Holy Weapon, or until Caduceus breaks concentration (Unarmed Strikes)

Beau could use a few more hit points, but with nearly all her Ki points, and most of the hour of the Holy Weapon spell left, she’s in pretty good shape. Given the nature of the enemy now facing them, the Holy Weapon buff from Caduceus could prove very useful.



Thanks to @SkidarStudios for this art piece!

  • HP: 64/77

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 3/4

    • 2nd: 2/3

    • 3rd: 3/3

    • 4th: 3/3

    • 5th: 0/1

  • Channel Divinity: 2/2 (Turn Undead, Destroy Undead [CR1], Path to the Grave)

  • Sentinel at Death’s Door: 4/5

  • Eyes of the Grave: 3/5

  • Hidden Step: 1/1

  • Disguise Self: 1/1

  • Detect Magic: 1/1

Caduceus burned his 5th level on Holy Weapon. He won’t have access to Raise Dead today, but thankfully, it can be cast up to 10 days after someone has died. Otherwise, he’s in very good shape spell-wise, including plenty of slots for Revivify. He’s down a little on HP, but not critically so, and he still has both his Channel Divinities. He also still has 4 more uses of Sentinel at Death’s Door, if there’s a crit that needs negating.



Thanks to @JinxBC for this art piece!

  • HP: 57/57

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 3/4

    • 2nd: 2/3

    • 3rd: 3/3

    • 4th: 2/3

    • 5th: 1/1

  • Glove of Blasting: 1/1

  • Mage Armor is up

Caleb is also in very good shape spell-wise, and he managed to stay entirely out of the babaus’ and the chasme’s line of fire, so he’s excellent on HP. His remaining spells include his big 5th level slot, so he’ll have the ability to pull out Cat’s Ire (which appears to be a reskinned Bigby’s Hand homebrew) again if he wants to just claw this giant in the face.



Thanks to @planarbindings for this art piece!

  • HP: 21/38  (Yes, really. That chasme was brutal.)

  • Spells: 2/2

  • Hexblade’s Curse: 1/1

  • Misty Step: 1/1

The chasme’s proboscis made Fjord more squishy than Caleb, so his saving grace in the upcoming fight will be staying out of sight for everything but his turn. He’s still got all of his spells and Hexblade’s Curse, since he only managed to cast an Eldritch Blast before going unconscious in the last battle. The creature they’re about to face has huge range on a thrown object attack, so he needs to stay far from it. Shadow of Moil might be a solid option for him, since it would heavily obscur him and make him much harder to hit. Blink is also a good option, assuming he can get the dice to work in his favor and actually make him disappear.



Thanks to @arbitraryartist for this art piece!

  • HP: 73/74

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 4/4

    • 2nd: 3/3

    • 3rd: 1/3

    • 4th: 3/3

    • 5th: 1/1

  • Channel Divinity: 2/2 (Turn Undead, Destroy Undead [CR1], Invoke Duplicity, Cloak of Shadows)

  • Hellish Rebuke: 1/1

  • Darkness: 1/1

Despite going unconscious thanks to the chasme’s drone ability, Jester is in great shape going into their next battle. She used two of her three 3rd level spells, but she can use any of her upper level spell slots to cast Revivify as well, should it be needed. The party currently has two sets of diamonds that could serve the purpose of casting Revivify, and one big diamond intended for Raise Dead but could also be used for Revivify if, worst comes to worst, three people die. She also, like Caduceus, still has both uses of her Channel Divinity, and she still has her 5th level slot to use for one of the more powerful Cleric spells, like Flame Strike, Dawn, and Mass Cure Wounds.



Thanks to @MLeeLundsford for this art piece!

  • HP: 74/74

  • Spells:

    • 1st: 4/4

    • 2nd: 2/2

  • Fury of the Small: 1/1

Nott is in the best shape of all the Nein. She hasn’t used any of her spells, nor has she brought the Fury of the Small on an enemy yet. She also managed to stay out of range of all of the babaus and the chasme, so she’s at full hit points. She is, unfortunately, right next to the newly-reanimated giant corpse, but if she can manage a high enough initiative, her Cunning Action Disengage will let her get out of the giant’s reach quickly.



Thanks to @aimoahmed for this art piece!

  • HP: 100/101

  • Rage: 3/4

  • Necrotic Shroud: 1/1

  • Healing Hands: 9/9

Yasha is also going into this battle at near-full strength. She’s only a hit point down, has plenty of rages, all of her healing, and hasn’t yet used her Necrotic Shroud. The giant is big enough that she could easily position herself to not damage any of her companions with it and still put some hurt on the giant. Thankfully, the Weakening Gaze effect she was still under from the babaus should have faded by now, so she’ll be back to dealing full damage.