Media References and Puns of 2-60 A Turtle By Any Other Name

Giant demonic snapping turtles are not to be confused with denizens of the Nine Shells.

Media References


  • (0:03:44) Matt: Ashley Johnson is Gail in Gail Force Five: A Gail in Your Coffin.

  • (1:19:54) Ashley: Yeah you fly! Marisha: Not like, you fly, but like...

  • (1:30:31) Sam: Buzz off!

  • (1:32:58) Ashley: Turtle party kill.

  • (2:31:00) (after Taliesin has food fall out of his mouth) Travis and Marisha: Something did come out of the portal!

  • (3:11:59) Soorna: You talk in confusing circles, but I appreciate the gesture. Laura: That’s my name!

  • (3:54:34) Marisha: Having a Ya-shank Redemption moment.