Media References and Puns of 2-57 In Love and War

Ask not what the Kryn Dynasty can do for you... Wait, no, totally ask what they can do for you, we've got a full list of demands.

Media References


  • (0:01:17) Sam: The only D&D I know are dungeness crabs and dragonfish!

  • (0:01:19) Sam: Until recently, I thought an app was eating the boogie board before I ate the guy riding it!

  • (0:01:48) Sam: And holy carp!

  • (0:01:58) Sam: Blood mage. Blood cleric. Blood hunter! I’m a blood hunter! I could relate to that one!

  • (0:02:19) Sam: They even got one called Waterdeep! My backyard’s water deep, ay oh!

  • (0:02:39) Sam: My current character is a sea elf character called Ursula La Fin.

  • (0:03:00) Sam: My neighbor Nicky is our dungeness master.

  • (0:04:10) Laura: Isn’t there a term called ‘jumping the shark’? [...] Marisha: He just became the shark.

  • (2:27:37) Matt: Goblins are more of a Drum and Bass thing. Drow’s more EDM. Trance. Liam: Especially here.

  • (2:33:25) Marisha: I’m just writing down “drow John Waters.”  Taliesin: Drow Waters.