Media References and Puns of 2-62 Domestic Respite

Xhorhaus, in the midst of Dynasty
Xhorhaus, on the tower there’s a tree
Xhorhaus, each night we cast Alarm times three
Xhorhaus, we're out of tumeric for our drinks.

Media References


  • (0:19:05) Jester: I could paint a hole in the wall [...] Travis: I don’t think we want to deface the house that’s a gift.  Nott: But if we wanted to add to it, we could. Jester: Yeah, like I could add a hole in the wall.

  • (0:19:28) Taliesin: I’m going to put down roots.

  • (0:24:27) Travis: How about secret entrances? Have we pulled up the rugs and looked for trap doors? Have we pushed the clocks out of the way?  Taliesin: There’s no clocks. Travis: Are you sure? Taliesin: They’ve been pre-pushed all the way out of the way, out of the house.

  • (0:38:30) Taliesin: I’m going to seed it… Sam: You’re going to spread your seed all over it?

  • (0:28:43) Travis: You’re growing eggplants!

  • (0:30:12) Sam: It’s a treehouse! We have a treehouse, now.

  • (1:43:19) Matt: Arcane suppository-- Not suppository. Arcane suppository is another, whole different thing. “I can see FOREVER.”

  • (1:43:58) Caleb: I, before we leave, write out a handwritten invitation to Professor Waccoh to visit the First Kryn Treehouse here in Rosohna.

  • (1:47:00) Marisha and Liam: Dem dens.

  • (1:55:51) Marisha: Caduceus calls it a White Xhorhasian.

  • (1:56:21) Taliesin: I really would have leaned with a “Tumeric, or not Tumeric.”

  • (3:26:05) Ashley: Xhorhaus. Travis: In the middle of the street.

  • (3:26:19) Liam: The M.T. home. Matt: You could always be the Xhorhaus with the M.T. Spa.