Monster Analysis: The Overcrow Apothecary

Thanks to @Lyadrielle for this art piece!

Like Claudia Sheed back in Zadash, Maruo the goblin regularly opened shop to individuals needing an incognito place to meet, no questions asked (for coin). This particular trio had met at the Overcrow months before. Unwilling to wait for someone who could potentially be their blonde human in disguise to teleport away, the Nein opted to make a preventative strike.

Dragonborn Scout

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-63 Intervention

  • Armor Class 13

  • Speed 30 ft

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 16, 27

  • 20 damage taken, 14 killing blow by Fjord

Depending on the nature of the job, most scouts focus primarily on reconnaissance, tracking, or delivery, and only resort to hunting or combat as a last resort. As such, even if they do carry a weapon, their work relies much more on flight over fight. In the case of our dragonborn victim, however, this scout was anything but a threat. Wrong place, wrong time, a victim of miscommunication and circumstance.

And for the sake of completion:

Riding Horse

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-63 Intervention

  • Armor Class 10

  • Speed 60 ft

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 13, 22

  • 20 damage taken, 20 HDYWTDT by Caleb

While a riding horse technically can attack with their hooves, much like the scouts, riding horses are best at one thing: providing a reliable mount to get from one place to another. This particular specimen was already winded from its ride to the apothecary and wasn’t given the chance to make its escape before Caleb accidentally killed it with Cat’s Ire.

Hobgoblin Fighter Bodyguard

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-63 Intervention

  • Armor Class 16-19

  • Speed 30 ft

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 39, 60 (Hobgoblin Captain); 97, 143 (Hobgoblin Warlord)

  • 160 damage taken, 18 HDYWTDT by Caduceus

The Hobgoblin was the greatest threat of this encounter. His ability to attack three times in a round and his use of Indomitable to shake off Beau’s stunning strike reveals him as a level 11 or 12 fighter. A melee fighter himself, he focused his attacks on whoever was closest to him, which happened to be Beau and Yasha. With the horse and dragonborn dead, Caleb focused all of his attacks on guaranteed Magic Missile strikes against the hobgoblin. Caduceus’ successful use of Bane limited the hobgoblin’s potential to deal and resist damage. Though it didn’t come into play on most of his attacks, which were high enough to render Bane’s impact useless, Bane enabled Caduceus to hit with two Sacred Flames, the latter of which took the hobgoblin to the ground.

Mysterious Drow

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-63 Intervention

  • Armor Class Unknown

  • Speed Unknown

  • 0 damage taken

The mysterious drow (assuming that’s what he actually is) remains a mystery. The full surprise ambush barely even brought a reaction out of him. Even with his attempted teleportation countered, his demeanor was never shaken.

His charm effect on Nott kept her on his side for the first half of the combat. Luckily, she was up against Yasha, whose rage mitigated the damage from the Boltblaster. Jester quickly dispelled the charm, enabling Nott to race after the drow, but those few seconds lost were enough for her quarry to easily escape.