Media References and Puns of 2-64 A Dangerous Chase

At the end of the day there's another curse spawning
And The Lost are in mourning, bone-chilling cries
Like the darkness swallows the land
Nein chase after the foe that beckoned
There's barbed spires rising from sand
There's a reckoning still to be reckoned
But there's gonna be a Message to say
At the end of the day

Media References


  • (0:15:34) Marisha: I’m pretty sure we just shot the messenger.

  • (0:36:30) Sam: Just don’t beat a dead horse.

  • (0:41:26) Marisha: The Bone Zone.

  • (0:45:52) Liam: Universal City Bloodwalk.

  • (1:11:36) Liam: Caleb, give me your Notts!

  • (1:26:18) Liam: Par for the course. I just invented golf. Canon.

  • (1:30:20) Liam: Use this die that has been f***ing me all night.  Travis: Does the f***ing continue? Liam: I hope so.

  • (1:54:54) Taliesin: That’s a double edged sword right there.

  • (2:09:42) Sam: He’s going out on a limb.

  • (2:14:23) Liam: That thing’s crushing on you like an elven pirate.

  • (2:18:46) Nott: Watch out, Caduceus, they’re armed!

  • (2:40:10) Liam: Is he Fjording me? Am I being Fjorded?

  • (2:40:45) Nott: Fjord, it looks like you could use an… extra hand.

  • (2:44:09) Sam: It’s trying to put Caleb in its fajar-ah.

  • (2:52:07) Nott: That fight cost us an arm and a--

  • (2:59:02) Sam: El-drow blast.