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Have you or anyone done the math on the number of each Kickstarter reward item that will have to be manufactured? How many posters, dice, trinket plushies, etc.

  • 80,026 Digital downloads and Vox Machina voicemail packs

  • 60,171 The Legend of Vox Machina sticker sets and 8x10 art prints

  • 54,913 The Legend of Vox Machina dice sets plus bonus D20, playing card sets, and crew-knitted beanies

  • 17,358 Trinket plushies and Vax Dagger Dagger Dagger letter opener sets

  • 8,674 Character pin sets

  • 7,865 Waxed canvas messenger bags

  • 4,622 The Legend of Vox Machina signed pilot scripts

  • 1,501 Critical Role cast signed high-quality 18x24 animation art prints

  • 25 Personalized portraits by the Titmouse animation team

Do you have a count for how many shots were taken during the campaign end party?

55 shot glasses of tea.

What is Caleb’s Cat’s Ire spell?

It’s a reskinned Bigby’s Hand, using a brown cat’s paw instead of a purple hand.

How good a boy is Henry?

We aren’t @dog_rates, but based on our understanding of their rating system, we’d estimate around 14/10, would give his own studio full of plush pineapples.

Any chance you might have a full list of types of demons that have appeared in campaign 2?

We highly recommend checking out our Monster Analysis collection, but to link to each:

What episodes are covered by Critical Recap?

Dani has filmed recaps for the entire second campaign! D&D Beyond also publishes recaps for campaign 2 episodes the day after the episode airs. If you’re looking for recaps for the first campaign, the Critical Role Wikia goes into detail for each episode.

Do you guys track main character descriptions, specifically any wardrobe changes?

Speaking of the Critical Role Wikia, that’s more under their purview than ours! That said, if you’re curious about NPCs, remember that we always keep descriptions in our NPC charts.

Out of curiosity, who has flirted more? Scanlan or Jester?

Although we don’t have the means to determine every single instance of flirtation, Scanlan arguably had way more time and opportunity to flirt.

Will you tell the cast they got X wrong/forgot Y?

We have addressed this many, many times, and it is in our FAQs, but given some recent requests, it seems it’s time for a reminder: we absolutely will not, under any circumstances, publicize or approach the cast about math errors, rule mistakes, forgotten features, miscounted spell slots, etc. Mistakes happen all the time in D&D, even when you’re not playing live on the internet in front of tens of thousands of people. This is not our game, so we do not correct or collect errors. If the cast want to approach us, we happily answer any questions that they have with the info we collect, but we will not actively point out mistakes apropos of nothing. We encourage everyone to do the same.