Monster Analysis: Invisible Stalker (The Radiant Stair)

  • First Appearance: 1-27 The Path to Whitestone

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-67 Beyond the Eyes of Angels

  • Armor Class 14 or 15

  • Speed 50 ft, 50 ft fly (hover)

  • Immune to poison

  • Resistant to nonmagical physical damage

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 104, 160

  • 59 damage taken

Invisible stalkers are altered air elementals, usually tasked to invisibly stalk and kill a particular target. The one hanging out in the mist-filled chambers of this temple is bound to serve as a protector against those would would try to pass through to reach the pits below, rather than as a single-target wandering assassin.

Matt brought out the anxiety-inducing hourglass for the other portion of this room’s challenge, once Fjord stepped on the activating tile on the stairway. At the bottom of the winding stair sat a crystal crackling with lightning-based magic. Each time the crystal fired off, the lightning damage increased. As Fjord learned, it got even worse by trying to damage the crystal because it just absorbed that damage and shot it right back out on its next crackling.

The Mighty Nein’s biggest challenge in this room was managing to get everyone down the long, winding stair before someone took enough damage to go unconscious (we’re looking at you and your 57 hit points, Caleb). Beau quickly descended the stairs by bypassing them completely, using the monk’s ability to reduce her damage from falling to practically nothing. She would use those hit points taking out the core that powered the device, shocking herself for 12 damage and preventing everyone from taking any more.

Caleb and Jester put their Polymorph abilities to use to give themselves an extra pool of hit points to take damage from, increase Caleb’s AC, and help get their slower friends down the stairs. Once everyone was safely through the door unlocked by Beau (that locked once again behind them), the Nein turned to inspect the horror of the Discard Pits.