What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Tombs Under Bazzoxan Edition

The Mighty Nein have been through a lot in the last day, battling 9 giant wolf spiders, 1 monstrous mama spider, a massive egg sac, an invisible stalker, a pulsing lightning crystal, and innumerable zombies. They’ve chosen to camp near a bridge over maddening whispers. What could go wrong?

Here’s how they stand at the end of the day, assuming they haven’t yet taken a short or long rest. As always, these numbers are based on what we tracked, and if something is said differently in-game, that’s canon.


  • 65/76 HP

  • 6/9 ki points

  • Boots of the Vigilant

Beau’s ball bearing experiment taught the Mighty Nein that the bridge ahead of them spans over something far more dangerous than just a river. Her +3 wisdom save modifier gives her a good shot at withstanding the whispers of the deep, should they rise again.  If she can at least a short rest in, she’ll regain all of her ki points and likely be able to use enough hit dice to heal fully. Even if she can’t, six ki points can go pretty far for whatever lies ahead.


  • 60/77 HP

    • 3/4 First

    • 3/3 Second

    • 1/3 Third

    • 1/3 Fourth

    • 1/1 Fifth

  • 1/2 Channel Divinity (Turn/Destroy Undead, Path to the Grave)

  • 3/5 Eyes of the Grave

  • 5/5 Sentinel at Death’s Door

  • 1/1 Hidden Step (1 round of invisibility)

  • Gift of Alacrity

Caduceus was able to conserve a lot of his spell slots throughout the battles by utilizing Sacred Flame, for which he gets an extra damage bonus as a grave cleric. If he’s forced to deal with the voices from below the bridge, his +9 wisdom save modifier will help keep him from falling prey. If the Nein can get a short rest, he’ll regain his firbolg magic, Detect Magic and Disguise Self; as well as his Channel Divinity.


  • 25/57 HP

    • 0/4 First

    • 0/3 Second

    • 0/3 Third

    • 1/3 Fourth

    • 0/1 Fifth

  • 0/1 Glove of Scorching Ray

Caleb is hurting, both physically and magically. He would benefit a lot from a short rest, allowing him to regain five spell slot levels (so, one 5th level spell, or one 4th and one 1st, or two 2nd, etc.) and roll some hit dice. Thankfully, wizards are also proficient in wisdom saves, so his +7 gives him a good chance at avoiding the effect of the whispers waiting in the deep.


  • 54/88 HP

  • 1/2 spell slots

  • 1/1 Control Water (Invocation)

  • 1/1 Water Breathing (Invocation)

  • 1/1 Hexblade’s Curse

  • 1/1 Accursed Specter

  • 0/1 Misty Step (falchion)

  • 1/1 Relentless Endurance

Fjord could regain his used spell slot and much of his lost HP if the Nein only get a short rest at the edge of the bridge. Though Fjord is a low-wisdom character, he’s wearing a cloak of protection, and warlocks are proficient in wisdom saves. That gives him a combined wisdom save of +3, just like Beau, which will give him a better shot at resisting the voices from the deep (well, these ones, anyway- Uk’otoa’s another story).


  • 66/74 HP

    • 3/4 First

    • 0/3 Second

    • 1/4 Third (w/ Pearl of Power)

    • 0/3 Fourth

    • 0/1 Fifth

  • 0/2 Channel Divinity (Turn/Destroy Undead, Invoke Duplicity, Cloak of Shadows)

  • 1/1 Hellish Rebuke

  • 1/1 Darkness

Jester needs a long rest. She has three 1st level spell slots and a 3rd level spell slot (thanks to her Pearl of Power), plus her tiefling spells of Hellish Rebuke and Darkness. If she only gets a short rest, she only regains Channel Divinity and her lost hit points, but none of her spell slots. Like Caduceus, she’s got a +9 bonus to her wisdom saves, which should keep her out of danger from the voices.


  • 60/74 HP

    • 4/4 First

  • 1/2 Second

  • 1/1 Fury of the Small

Nott’s doing great, and if she can get a short rest, she can regain her lost health. Where Nott is distinctly not great is her 0 wisdom save modifier. She already fell under one of its effects once, and should it happen again, her chances of avoiding it aren’t amazing. (This is also to say nothing about her continuing hunt for booze.)


  • 82/101 HP

  • 2/4 Rages

  • 1/1 Necrotic Shroud

  • Death Ward, Fortune’s Favor, Gift of Alacrity

Speaking of characters whose wisdom isn’t great, Yasha’s is -1. While she could get her hit points back on a short rest, it’s in her best interest to not be awake for taking a watch overnight because the likelihood of the voices affecting her is higher than anyone else in the Nein.