What Does The Mighty Nein Have Left: Tombs Under Bazzoxan (Day 2) Edition

As the Nein continues even deeper past horrific relics of the Calamity on their second day in the tombs near Bazzoxan, we take stock of what they have at their disposal for whatever lies in wait ahead for them.

No matter what happens, at least the number of the next episode is nice.


  • HP: 76/76

  • Ki points: 9/9

  • Boots of the Vigilant

  • Maelstrom Gloves

Beau couldn’t be better. She’s got all of her health, all of her ki, and she hasn’t used her Boots of the Vigilant or Maelstrom Gloves yet.


  • HP: 69/77

    • 1st: 1/4

    • 2nd: 2/3

    • 3rd: 1/3

    • 4th: 3/3

    • 5th: 1/1

  • Channel Divinity: 2/2

  • Detect Magic: 0/1

  • Disguise Self: 1/1

  • Eyes of the Grave: 4/5

  • Sentinel at Death’s Door: 5/5

  • Hidden Step: 1/1

After putting three doppelgangers out of their misery, Caduceus has used up just under half of his spell slots. He’s still well-stocked on abilities and hit points, though.


  • HP: 57/57

    • 1st: 1/4

    • 2nd: 3/3

    • 3rd: 2/3

    • 4th: 2/3

    • 5th: 1/1

  • Glove of Blasting: 1/1

Caleb has managed to not get hit so far today! 


  • HP: 61/88

    • Spell Slots: 1/2

  • Misty Step: 0/1

  • Water Breathing: 1/1

  • Control Water: 1/1

  • Relentless Endurance: 1/1

  • Hexblade’s Curse: 1/1

Fjord is doing pretty well overall, but would benefit from a short rest right about now to regain his used spell slot and gain back some of the health he lost to the doppelgangers.


  • HP: 69/74

    • 1st: 4/4

    • 2nd: 2/3

    • 3rd: 4/4 (with Pearl of Power)

    • 4th: 1/3

    • 5th: 1/1

  • Channel Divinity: 2/2

  • Hellish Rebuke: 1/1

  • Darkness: 1/1

Though Jester is down two of her 4th level spells from saving the Mighty Nein from the roper and Nott from the gibbering chasm, she’s solid overall on spells and health.


  • HP: 71/74

  • 1st: 4/4

  • 2nd: 2/2

  • Fury of the Small: 1/1

While Nott is fine on spells and health, her biggest concern right now is her nerve. She has been noticeably shaken since the bridge (and with good reason; that gibbering chasm was awful, and she landed right in it). The lack of flask is also playing havoc on her, though that’s a little harder to judge the consequences by raw rules as written.


  • HP: 77/101

  • Rage: 3/4

  • Necrotic Shroud: 1/1

  • Gift of Alacrity

Yasha tanked for the Nein against the doppelgangers, taking the brunt of their claws and bites. Though she’s still got more health left than anyone else, she’s lost the most, and would benefit from a short rest or a Prayer of Healing before moving on.