Quick Answers 74

Updated to 2-69.

How many hours of content has been announcements?
As of episode 2-69, according to our Running Times tables across both campaigns and all one-shots, there has been a total of 36:19:58 between the beginning of each episode and the start of the games themselves. This time includes the opening greetings, announcements, and opening credits.

Has there been any indication that Essek Thelyss levitates everywhere because he is missing a leg?
There has not yet been any indication or explanation.

How many days has Yasha spent with the Nein?
As of episode 2-69, Yasha has been with the Nein for 114 of 176 days.

How many times has Matt said he is sorry after one of Sam's sponsor intros?
In campaign 2, Matt has explicitly apologized seven times.

  1. (2-09, 0:02:09) Sam’s British impression. "Thank you, Sam. And we're sorry."

  2. (2-27, 0:03:55) The “lost fan letters" Sam read. "And thank you to our friends at D&D Beyond. I'm sorry."

  3. (2-47, 0:04:34) The start of Sam's presidential campaign. "Also, really sorry for everything. Sorry whoever might be president of D&D Beyond."

  4. (2-53, 0:03:59) Yondi. "Thank you, Sam. And I'm sorry, D&D Beyond."

  5. (2-62, 0:05:12) Sam's ad copies. "We're so sorry. We're SO sorry."

  6. (2-67, 0:04:47) Sam's will. "Thank you, D&D Beyond. I am so sorry."

  7. (2-69, 0:0x:xx) Sam's master debating. "Thank you, D&D Beyond. I am SO sorry."

We also found these instances of others apologizing for Sam’s ads (including Sam), or merely thanking the sponsors for their patience:

  • (2-01, 0:03:05) Sam: I didn't have time to write a new one, apologies to our sponsor.

  • (2-09, 0:00:55) Taliesin preemptively apologizes for Sam tailoring his promo for a British audience.

  • (2-09, 0:01:05) Liam: Sorry, Kit.

  • (2-13, 0:02:02) Laura: Sorry, Chicago.

  • (2-48, 0:04:09) Sam apologizes to Max, the audience, and D&D Beyond for subjecting us to the USB with Sam Awesome Stuff.

  • (2-48, 0:04:36) Matt thanks D&D Beyond for sponsoring in spite of Sam Riegel Awesome Stuff.

  • (2-49, 0:05:05) Matt thanks D&D Beyond for their unending patience following Sam’s campaign speech, aided by Dani reigning him in.

  • (2-64, 0:04:03) Matt thanks D&D Beyond for their endless patience after Sam’s "Australian" impression.

  • (2-65, 0:11:40) Matt thanks D&D for their tolerance, following the perceived O'Brien scandal.

Can you map out the room designations for the Xhorhaus?
We can, but the CR Wiki already has a fantastic map of the Xhorhaus, as well as descriptions of each room.

When was the first mention of "Critters"? How did Critters come to be?
The first mention of it, when referring to fans of Critical Role and not creatures in the game, is in the Q&A at the end of episode 1-10 (4:34:46).

Zac (first Geek & Sundry Twitch channel showrunner): I also like what somebody in the chat room said that for Critical Role fans, you could call them Critters.
Marisha: (gasps) Critters!
Liam: I said that months ago.
Laura: I love it!
Taliesin: (cheers)
Ashley: Oh, Critters, I love you!
Matt: Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you, Liam. Thank you, chat.
Zac: So you guys have officially dubbed yourselves Critters, and by yourselves, I mean by Liam.

Is there a table of spells cast by enemies and NPCs?
While we do try to track all spells, attacks, and significant actions, we do not maintain a formal spell chart for NPCs. The main reason for lines up with the same reason we don’t keep charts of NPC rolls: we don’t actually get to see every one in action. With the introduction of dunamancy, there’s also plenty of spells that we just don’t know yet.

Your posts (which are all excellent) tend to not link to the Youtube video they're about. Is this deliberate policy?
Thank you! We don’t provide links in the media references and puns articles because we really, really don’t have time to provide an individual link for each one in addition to the timestamp and a link to the thing being referenced. In regards to our other articles, such as the Monster Analyses, there’s rarely a relevant place to do so, and even if we did, our backlog is big enough to make updating those unfeasible. Besides, it’s the internet, it’s really easy to find each episode, if you need to!

How many different times has the Mighty Nein fled from or knowingly avoided a hostile encounter compared to the amount they have actually fought?
Any encounter is a hostile encounter if you try hard enough. (That’s a little too subjective for us to say.)

Do you have a stat for how many different voices or accents Matt has done for both campaigns thus far?
Different accents and voices, no. Though we do have the complete lists of NPCs in both Campaign 1 and Campaign 2.

Do you have a stat block for Gilmore?
We do not, though we know that he is a sorcerer with the Runechild origin (found in the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, page 103) of at least level 13.

Do you know the date and year that the Chroma Conclave first attacked, the date and year that Vox Machina defeated them, and how long it took in between to accomplish that?
Extrapolating from our Vox Machina time passed data, the Conclave attacked on Duscar 22, 812. Raishan, the last to fall, was defeated on Misuthar 9, 812. This period lasted for 48 days.

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