Media References and Puns of 2-69 The King's Cage


...Okay, not that nice.

Media References


  • (0:01:44) Sam: I am a great debater. In fact, some would say I am a master debater. Actually, I got that nickname in high school. When I would walk down the hall, kids would say, “There goes Sam, the Master Debater!” And they were right, I master debate all the time. I master debate in the shower, I master debate in the back of a Lyft, I will come to your house and master debate in your closet while you are asleep. My master debating NEVER STOPS. Which is why I am challenging Liam O’Brien to a debate, right here, sometime in July. You guys can all tune in and watch me master debate Liam O’Brien in front of your own eyes.  Liam: Well… Sam: And I will master debate Liam O’Brien as long as it takes, until he comes… to the realization that I am even more of a furious master debate than him. But I’ll need your help. So go ahead and tweet your debate questions to D&D Beyond questions to @DnDBeyond, and make sure to include the hashtag #MasterDebater. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.

  • (0:03:06) Sam: Everyone master debate yourself tonight.

  • (0:03:10) Liam: Did you ever master debate backstage in Les Mis?  Sam: Yeah, I had a robe that would cover up myself while I was master debating. I just wanted to be snug, that’s all. Ashley: When did you start master debating?  Sam: I think I really found I had a knack for it around 12 or 13. That’s when I really got into master debating. Spent a lot of time. Travis: Did someone teach you how to master debate?  Sam: I’m self-taught, but recently I’ve been master debating with my left hand. You know, for emphasis. I feel like it really changes the game. Travis: Do you go open hand, or closed fist? Liam: What is the longest span of time you have ever master debated? Sam: Oh, I can master debate for up to two minutes.  Travis: So you wouldn’t have what some politicians would call “stamina.” Sam: Some politicians would call it that. But I got to go to sleep after I master debate. I’m pretty relaxed. Marisha: You would think that with all that master debating, you would be a perfect candidate for a filibuster, right? Sam: Yep.  Ashley: Were you on a master debating team? Sam: In college, I did master debate with a group, but it was just once, and it didn’t feel right. I was pretty drunk. Liam: Master debating is best when it’s one-on-one. Sam: It’s true, it really is. And that’s what it’ll be, in July.

  • (0:06:25) Matt: You should check it out.  Sam: I will, I will indeed. Matt: When you’re not busy master debating. I know it’s hard to multitask for you.  Liam: No time to squeeze it in?

  • (0:19:25) Nott: Have you seen it? It’s the one I always have on me.  Jester: I have, Nott. Nott: You have? Jester: I have, Nott. Nott: You have?  Jester: Yes, I have.

  • (0:20:50) Nott: Listen, you might be enjoying this conversation, but I am not!  Jester: You are Nott!

  • (0:21:10) Nott: I’ll forgive you if you give me back my flask.  Jester: I will not.

  • (0:29:36) Caleb: I’m not really a good whip master. I was a good debater in school.  Yasha: A master debater? Caleb: Some would say. Yasha: Wow, I’ve heard about those.  Travis: Can I see your palms?

  • (1:19:41) Marisha: Barlgura-gard.

  • (1:29:19) Liam: It’s going to be a master debate!

  • (1:20:25) Ashley: We’ll just master debate the whole time.

  • (1:29:30) Sam: We’ll all, simultaneously, master debate.

  • (1:29:33) Taliesin: We don’t want to expend the climax of the battle too early.

  • (1:58:29) Laura: [The Laughing Hand is] made of cheese. Like the Laughing Cow? No?

  • (2:30:05) Travis: … will pick up The Laughing Ham and try to slam him down on the floor.

  • (2:30:23) Ashley: He’s a little Honey Baked Ham, laughing it up. Sam: Sweet little salt!

  • (2:32:15) Sam: The Bazzoxan? (the Barlgura)

  • (2:32:27) Sam: The Barber of Seville? Laura: Bull-gary. Sam: Bull-gury?

  • (2:42:49) Sam: Jester Lavo-regard!

  • (3:00:19) Taliesin: What deals with fear? Travis: Master debating it?

  • (3:03:22) Marisha: Do two charms make a-- Laura: Two wrongs make a right, I don’t know!

  • (3:48:45) Sam: Master Debater. Laura: That’s right, a Master Debater.