Media References and Puns of 2-71 Family Gatherings

But I would walk five hundred miles
And I'd teleport five hundred more
Just to be the mom who reunited her fam
In midst of a war

Media References


  • (0:01:34) Sam: I challenged Liam to vigorously master debate while you all watched, and tonight, it is on. So lube yourself up, dim the lights and grab some tissue paper because it’s time to watch me and Liam master debate!

  • (0:02:21) Dani: Welcome to the first-ever D&D Beyond master debate. Candidates Riegel and O’Brien will simultaneously master debate until they are raw and chafed, climaxing this spunky presidential race.

  • (0:05:55) Sam: Bring it on, O’Boring!

  • (0:07:08) Sam: Say something nice about O’Braniac?

  • (0:07:28) Dani: Thanks for joining us for this public master debating.

  • (0:44:15) Sam: His last name is Fryguy.  Liam: Freiguy.

  • (1:56:55) Matt: The keyword tonight is “Kiln.” Sam: Kiln, that’s exactly where we’re going.  Liam: Kiln it.

  • (2:49:35) Beau: I do need a new stick bow.  Caduceus: Bo bow. Beau bo bow, Beau!

  • (2:50:33) Caduceus: Jester is basically an escalation machine. An escalator!

  • (2:50:37) Marisha: I tie the new floral bow on my Beau bo.  Matt: The bow for the Beau bo. Taliesin: It’s now a blue Beau bow. There’s a blue bow on the bo on Beau’s bo.

  • (3:23:32) Taliesin: This is fantasy realm, it’s Yebay.