Media References and Puns of 2-75 Rime and Reason

Gelidon, a dragon tempered by time
Her mountain is settled in rime
Though the climate is freezin'
Yetis don't mind the season
Though they stay out when her anger is prime.

Media References

  • (0:02:07) Travis: Ch-ch-ch-Chia!

  • (0:04:30) Matt: But this month, Idle Champions is partnered with charity Take This

  • (0:07:06) Taliesin: I’ve been trying to get in that Gleaming the Cube joke all week.

  • (0:07:25) Travis: I’ll send a special shoutout to All-Pro Center Travis Frederick and his D&D adventuring party, The Janitors, for allowing me and my brother to attend.

  • (0:18:57) Matt: The Swedish Wizard is my favorite addition to this campaign.

  • (0:37:40) Taliesin and Matt: She’s starting to believe! (The Matrix)

  • (0:37:46) Taliesin: Yours is a muppet.

  • (0:45:33) Mica: I’m like a Disney princess.

  • (0:53:27) Matt: The eagles return.  Sam: To Hotel California!

  • (1:02:53) Sam: Powered by Dwarven Forge. They just launched Plaguestone, a new line of sets tied to Pathfinder Second Edition. Check it out now at

  • (1:03:09) Taliesin: *singing* Oh the weather outside is frightful. (“Let It Snow”)

  • (1:12:56) Mica: Makes a superhero landing!

  • (1:13:38) Travis: *singing* Slap, slappy joe! (“Lunch Lady Land” by Adam Sandler)

  • (1:24:15) Travis: *like Arnold Schwartzenneger* What’s going on?  Taliesin and Mica: (similarly) Get to the choppah! (Predator)

  • (1:30:57) Sam: *dances*  Marisha: Yes, Vogue. Laura and Mica: *dances*

  • (1:32:58) Mica: It’s a big Chungus.

  • (1:33:38) Marisha: I pick up the TalkBack.

  • (1:35:14) Travis: Home Alone-style!

  • (1:36:27) Travis: We’re just missing Macaulay Culkin

  • (1:37:12) Laura: *does the Harry Potter pincers pantomime*

  • (1:38:06) Travis and Laura: *does the Harry Potter pincers pantomime* 

  • (1:39:06) Taliesin: Burning Hands is a festival that they have…

  • (1:45:30) Sam: That’s Valhalla.

  • (1:49:42) Travis: You wanna tauntaun in there? (Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strike Back)

  • (1:53:50) Sam *Arnold voice*: I had to let him go! Marisha: *Arnold voice* Come with me--

  • (2:54:19) Marisha: ...that it’s a kigurumi.

  • (2:57:32) Matt: That doesn’t do too well on YouTube these days. (Alinity)

  • (2:57:48) All: *singing* Send in the bats. (“Send in the Clowns” by Judy Collins)

  • (3:14:53) Sam: Dragknot. (Dragnet)

  • (3:28:29) Marisha: Price is Right.

  • (3:35:40) Laura: You get three cold damage! You get three cold damage! (Oprah)

  • (3:48:25) Matt: a field of Damocles’ swords.

  • (4:10:31) Matt: It’s been a while! (“It’s Been Awhile” by Staind)

  • (4:16:09) Taliesin: That was just a TiVo and a Netflix.


  • (0:03:15) Sam: This sterling silver wanger hanger will make your love life sing all night long!

  • (0:29:44) Reani: What if we go in and the dragon’s an old man and we can slit his throat and leave?  Beau: The older they get, the worse we get. Caduceus: It would be called the Nap in Ivory if it was that old.

  • (0:53:27) Matt: The eagles return.  Sam: To Hotel California!

  • (0:54:40) Marisha: The Nightmare in Ivory is just a metaphor for his situation. It’s his nightmare! He’s stuck in this ivory mountain!

  • (1:39:06) Taliesin: Burning Hands is a festival that they have…

  • (1:48:23) Travis: Do yetis pitch tents?  Taliesin: *snicker*

  • (1:57:30) Sam: Your cat’s scanning deeper in the cave?  Taliesin: We’re going to get a good CAT scan.

  • (2:01:32) Matt: That’s what deducing is all about.  Travis: Caducing.

  • (2:02:13) Jester: It’s a pretty s****y drawing. I think it’s drawn with poop.

  • (2:50:37) Travis: Grab the rod, all hands on the rod.

  • (2:50:38) Matt: Warm warm pass, warm warm pass.

  • (2:52:50) Matt: Passing within the shadow-- sorry, I didn’t mean to use the word “passing”. I know it’s sensitive.

  • (3:14:53) Sam: Dragknot.