Monster Analysis: Yetis

  • First Appearance: 2-75 Rime and Reason

  • Armor Class 12

  • Speed 40 ft, 40 ft climbing

  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 13

  • Immune to cold damage

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 51, 78

    • Yeti 1: 58 damage taken, 41 killing blow by Nott

    • Yeti 2: 61 damage taken, 10 killing blow by Beau

    • Yeti 3: 60 damage taken, 24 killing blow by Jester

    • Yeti 4: 56 damage taken, 11 HDYWTDT by Caduceus

Yetis are very familiar with the cold. They make their homes among the mountains, using their white fur to blend in with the snow and ice. They live to hunt whatever has the misfortune of coming their way, though they prefer herds of mountainous creatures to humanoids. 

This familiarity with the cold does make them somewhat vulnerable to fire. Although they don’t take extra damage from flame, their unfamiliarity with it causes them to fear it, which in turn forces them to roll with disadvantage on checks and attacks until their next turn… assuming they don’t get roasted again or live that long. 

Standard yetis have two attacks: their claws and their Chilling Gaze. “Chilling” serves a dual meaning in this case: the gaze is both terrifying, freezing its target in place out of fear; and cold, dealing cold damage to the affected creature. Unfortunately for Reani, she got to experience both. Her giant scorpion form absorbed the 25 points of damage she sustained from the yetis’ attacks, keeping their focus on her and off of the rest of the Nein while they laid into them from a distance.

The Mighty Nein managed to pull off a solid battle plan, delaying their assault twice until they were completely in position. They ensured that their squishies were far away before getting the yetis’ attention, allowing Beau to get a round of attacks in before the yetis knew what was happening. That softened the first yeti up so that it went down on Nott’s first sneak attack arrow. Jester did enough damage with a 2nd level Inflict Wounds that the second yeti fell on Beau’s next turn. Though two more yetis stepped up to fill their place, fighting four yetis split in two waves was much easier than fighting four simultaneously.

Afterward, the Nein got to explore their tents and learned that these yetis weren’t just a lone pack. They survived there as servants of the ancient white dragon within, Gelidon. Though it’s a little out of the ordinary for a white dragon to have sentient, willing followers, their service, bringing her quarries to hunt within her domain and treasures from the prey that they slaughtered, allowed her to sit pretty in her lair and age in peace and quiet. But more about her in our next article...