Level 10 Update: New Tricks, Who Dis

With Fjord’s decision to take a step into the Wildmother’s service as a paladin, he and the rest of the Nein arrived at level 10! There’s a pretty wide variety of upgrades this level, even before Fjord’s multiclass. He won’t see most of the paladin features until he takes a second paladin level, but for the rest of the Nein, pretty much everyone gets something unique.

In fact, the only thing in common is that every other spellcaster (Nott included) gets an additional cantrip. Half the M9 get archetype features, and the rest get general class features. Jester, Caduceus, and Caleb all get an additional 5th level spell slot per day, but poor Fjord still has to make do with his 2.

Beauregard (Monk 10)

  • HP: 84

  • Ki points increase to 10

  • Unarmored movement speed increase to 50

  • Purity of Body

  • Slow Fall damage reduction increase to 50

Beau is starting to approach endgame Vax speeds. With this speed increase and her improvements from level 9, she can now climb vertical surfaces up to 150 feet tall (400 feet with a Haste from Caleb). With the Slow Fall damage increase with her level, she’s practically guaranteed to not take any damage from a fall of up to this height. In addition, she now has the monk ability Purity of Body, which makes her completely immune to all disease and poison effects. Now, if the Nein ever go back to Urukayxl, she won’t have to worry about the mosquitoes that made her sick last time.

Caduceus and Jester (Cleric 10)

  • HP:

    • Caduceus: 87

    • Jester: 82

  • One new cantrip (total of 5 plus racial/class bonuses)

  • Additional 5th level spell slot per day (total of 2)

  • Additional spell prepped per day (total of 15)

  • Divine Intervention

For the folks who watched Campaign 1, there were a couple of epic moments thanks to Divine Intervention, a cleric ability that Caduceus and Jester both now have access to. Once per day, they can use an action to call on their respective patrons for assistance. If they succeed in rolling equal to or below their current cleric level on a percentile dice roll, the Wildmother or the Traveler will come to their aid and they can’t use the feature again for 7 days. The odds of success for this ability start out pretty low (10%), but increase with level, and once Caduceus and Jester hit level 20, they succeed automatically.

Both Jester and Caduceus can also now prepare an additional spell each day (for a total of 15), and they both get an additional cantrip from the cleric spell list. Since the cleric cantrip list is relatively small and they both have bonus cantrips from racial or subclass features, they both have four options. Either of them could take Guidance or Word of Radiance, but Jester could also choose either Light or Resistance. Caduceus could additionally take either Mending or Toll the Dead.

Caleb (Wizard 10)

  • HP: 65

  • One new cantrip (total of 5)

  • Additional 5th level spell slot (total of 2) per day

  • Two additional spells in his spellbook

  • Shapechanger

Caleb gets a new Transmutation School feature this level: Shapechanger. He already has Polymorph in his spellbook, but now, once per short or long rest, he can cast it on himself without using a spell slot. When he does this, he can then turn into a beast whose challenge rating is 1 or lower. This doesn’t prevent him from using it normally with an available spell slot; he won’t get to become his giant eagle unless he burns a spell slot, but some CR 1 options include a giant vulture, a direwolf, a giant spider, or a crag cat. 

As always, he’ll also get to add two more spells to his spellbook for free, but this time, he also gets a new cantrip from the wizard spell list. Again, the wizard spell list is huge, so we’re not going to speculate on what he’s going to pick, especially since recently his free-with-level spells are branching out from his early preference for fire evocation.

Fjord (Warlock 9, Paladin 1)

  • HP: 101

  • STR increases to 13 (Confirmed as a special upgrade from Matt)

    • All strength-based bonuses increase by 1

  • Divine Sense

  • Lay on Hands (5 points)

Once again, we have a paladin multiclass on Critical Role. Fjord made the transition a few levels earlier than Vax, however, and a Warlock/Paladin is a wildly different mix than a Rogue/Paladin, so things are going to get interesting (and potentially complicated).

First off, Fjord was already proficient in light armor, medium armor, shields, simple weapons and martial weapons from being a hexblade warlock, so he won’t gain any of the paladin’s additional multiclassing proficiencies. (Note: Multiclassing into Paladin does not grant heavy armor proficiency, so he’ll need to take a feat for that if he wants it.) He also won’t have to deal with multiclassing spells until he takes a second level of paladin, so we’ll hold off on describing how that works (spoiler alert: it’s complicated, but not as complicated as other multiclass spellcasting combos). For now, just know that all paladin spells and abilities are charisma-based, and all of his nine levels of warlock abilities should remain the same (other than some flavor reskinning from Matt as a nod to his shifted patron).

For now, Fjord gains two basic paladin features: Divine Sense and Lay on Hands. Divine Sense, as we saw from Vax last campaign, will allow Fjord to use an action to detect the location and type of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of him that is not behind total cover. He can also detect any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated. Thanks to Fjord’s start as a warlock, his charisma bonus is +5, so he’ll be able to do this six times per day (Vax only ever managed four).

Lay on Hands, also as we saw from Vax, is the emergency stabilization of the healing world of D&D. Fjord now has a pool of 5 points he can expend to heal any creature for a number of hit points equal to the number of points expended. He can also choose to instead spend 5 points to remove one curse or neutralize one poison for any creature. His pool recharges after a long rest.

As a final note regarding RAW, there is a strength requirement of 13 to multiclass into paladin. As confirmed by Matt, the Wildmother increased Fjord’s strength to 13 when he accepted the offer to serve her. Mechanically, however, because Fjord is still a hexblade warlock, he can still use his charisma modifier to make melee attacks with a weapon that he is proficient with, and he can change this weapon once per day. While his strength modifier now meets the minimum RAW score for paladin, it’s not necessary for him to have that strength to perform any attacks, and his attack bonuses will not change.

Nott (Rogue 10)

  • HP: 81

  • ASI/Feat

  • One new cantrip (total of 4)

  • One additional spell known (total of 7)

  • One additional 2nd level spell slot (total of 3) per day

  • Fury of the Small damage increases to 10

Nott gets a huge upgrade this level. Rogues get their bonus ASI/feat at level 10, and Arcane Tricksters get some spell upgrades. Nott’s already maxed out her primary stat, dexterity, so she’ll either be increasing some other ability or taking another feat. Obviously, an intelligence boost would be good for her spellcasting, but there are many feats she could benefit from as well.

She’ll also get an additional Wizard cantrip from any school, and she can pick an additional Wizard spell of 1st or 2nd level from either the enchantment or illusion schools. Even with those restrictions, there are 15 different spells she could pick and 26 different cantrips, so we’ll refrain from speculating and trying to predict what Sam Riegel might do.

Yasha (Barbarian 10)

  • HP: 103 + 1d12

  • Zealous Presence

  • Healing Hands healing increase to 10

  • Necrotic Shroud damage increase to 10

  • Divine Fury damage increase to 1d6+5

Somewhere in Exandria, The Orphanmaker just got more powerful. Like Caleb, Yasha gets an archetype bonus this level: Zealous Presence. Once per day as a bonus action, Yasha can unleash a battle cry infused with the energy of the Stormlord her patron that grants advantage on attack rolls and saving throws for up to 10 other creatures that can hear her within 60 feet of her until the start of her next turn. 

We’ll refrain from commenting on the RP implications.