Media References and Puns of 2-76 Refjorged

…Okay, seriously, how are we supposed to top that episode title?

Media References


  • (0:19:18) The Joy of Flex.

  • (0:20:09) Sam: Das Booths.

  • (0:37:34) Travis: Go ahead, Smith and Wesson.

  • (0:46:11) At Fjord getting Beau’s consolation prize

  • (0:47:03) At the kerfuffle around who keeps the armor

  • (1:04:38) Reani: No carpets for Beau.  Beau: Well...

  • (1:04:51) Caleb: Yes, Beau fell prey to a rug muncher.

  • (1:23:55) Taliesin: Bruce, Tim, Barbara. (Batman)

  • (1:28:20) Mica: … squeak loud. Taliesin: Or forever hold your peace.

  • (1:44:00) Marisha: … is there some kind of cycle that it seems to sync up on? Laura and Mica: *start laughing* Marisha: I need to know when my moon is coming! Laura: Demons [inaudible] period. 

  • (4:19:44) Taliesin: Mackeral Jackentosh. 

  • (4:19:48) Liam: Can’t stop jacking off.

  • (4:57:01) Travis: F***ing seaweed wraps are the s**t!