Monster Analysis: Remorhaz

The snowy slopes of the Flotket Alps can be a scary place. Orc raiding parties beset hapless travelers. The weather can be fatal for those unprotected against its frozen blast. Winter wolves prowl hungrily for their next meal… Though there’s always a bigger fish, isn’t there? Behold, the hottest AND coolest thing to burrow through the Greying Wildlands since white dragons!

Young Remorhaz

  • First Appearance: 2-73 Uthodurn

  • Armor Class 14

  • Speed 30 ft, Burrow 20 ft

  • Immune to cold and fire damage

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 93, 143

  • 128 damage taken, 22 HDYWTDT by Jester

This large monstrosity burst from the ice to snap up a wolf in one bite before turning its appetite to the Nein. Remorhazes of all sizes lie burrow below sheets of snow and ice, their tremorsense alerting them when prey is overhead so they can catch it unaware. Although they can turn down their natural body temperature to not melt the area they are resting in while they lie in wait, remorhazes have adapted to their arctic environments by generating intense heat through their veins. Anyone who attacks them is immediately scalded with a heat that can instantly kill an untrained commoner.

The first remorhaz the party was large, but not large enough that it could fit any of them in its mouth. Even though it focused its bites on Nott, the best it could manage against her were a couple nibbles. Granted, those nibbles resulted in 49 damage to Nott, but with Nott and Jester on the case, the young remorhaz didn’t stand a chance.


  • First Appearance: 2-73 Uthodurn

  • Armor Class 17

  • Speed 30 ft, Burrow 20 ft

  • Immune to cold and fire damage

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 195, 289

  • 233 damage taken, 20 HDYWTDT by Jester

The adult, on the other hand, was significantly larger and more formidable. Its proximity fire damage was much more intense, and its bite attack snapped up three party members over four rounds, restraining Jester, Beau, and Caduceus in its powerful jaws. It was also clever enough to know when to escape; with a defenseless Beau in its mouth and already having taken a hefty amount of damage, the remorhaz was ready to disappear to safety underground with its meal. (Fortunately, it takes more effort to burrow than run.) Even when it was dragged back out in the open, it prioritized the next closest and dangerous asset to the party, swallowing Caduceus whole and letting its stomach acid do the work for it while it could focus on its attackers.

The Mighty Nein

The adult immediately went after the greatest threat: Jester. Its initial snap took out her Spirit Guardians, as well as temporarily incapacitated the party’s most versatile combatant. Although Beau’s rapid blows dealt a significant amount of fire damage right back to her, she was able to learn and convey the remorhaz’s immunities to the party. This especially benefited Caleb; upon hearing that his go-to spells wouldn’t affect the creature, his decision to turn Jester into a mammoth freed her from its jaws. Unfortunately, this also freed space for a very vulnerable Beau.

Considering that he was originally intended to be the individual under the most party protection for lack of abilities, Fjord takes our spot for encounter MVP on support. Without Charm Monster at his disposal, he had to roll the dice (metaphorically and meta-mechanically speaking) to restrain the monstrosity using the only tools he had at his disposal. Had it escaped, the odds of tracking it down, let alone recovering Beau’s lifeless body from the creature’s stomach, would have been a stretch. Fjord’s combined strength, luck, and quick thinking allowed Caleb to use him as further pull to drag the remorhaz back out of its hole with Cat’s Ire.

Things started out a little wooly for Jester, but being a mammoth made her anything but irrelephant in combat as she finished off the young remorhaz. Nott’s creative use of Phantasmal Force allowed Jester the opportunity to stabilize Beau; even with this difficult choice between saving her best friend and trying to end the threat, Jester still managed to deal a mamm--- huge amount of damage for the final HDYWTDT.

Clay also took a large chunk of damage out of the remorhaz with Sacred Flame and Blight. It could also be argued that he was the best tank against the remorhaz; he remained conscious after having a huge bite taken out of him, taking extra fire damage, and being immersed in the monster’s stomach acid. (His Prayer of Healing at the end of the encounter also was the reason Beau didn’t go unconscious when the party was trying to sleep at the end of the day.)