Volunteers Needed!

Update: While we're still in the thick of it, at this time, all slots have been claimed by volunteers. Thanks to everyone who is working on these, and to everyone for their interest!

Are you:

  • Sad at the lack of a new Critical Role episode tonight?

  • Interested in watching or reading a transcript of an episode of Critical Role this week?

Then have we got a volunteer opportunity for you! We need help tracking The Mighty Nein’s spending. If you’re interested, here’s what we need you to do:

  • Send us an email at critrolestats @ gmail. com letting us know you’re interested in helping.

  • We’ll respond as soon as we can with an episode assignment and a link to a Google Sheet for you to fill out with your findings.

  • You can read through the episode’s transcript, available on the Critical Role Wiki, or watch an episode (1-51 here or 52-77 here)

    • You can listen to a podcast version, but be aware that the timestamps are different, and we need the ones corresponding to the YouTube video.

  • Record your findings in the provided Google Sheet and let us know you’re done (or if you’re interested in picking up another episode)!