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Updated to 2-77.

Who in Vox Machina has dealt the most single round damage?
Pike. In Episode 1-99, she killed 20 ankhegs with one Fire Storm. Assuming each ankheg had at least MM average health (and Campaign 1 monsters almost always had significantly more than average or max suggested health), she dealt 780 damage. And we didn’t forget to count Keyleth’s Tidal Waves against the fire elementals. Or her ice storm against the horde of skeletons (690 damage). Or Pike’s Destroy Undead against the skeleton horde (which immediately destroys the undead without counting as damage dealt. Also, we weren’t given an exact number of skeletons destroyed, so we couldn’t give an exact amount of damage, even if we wanted to.)

Which Campaign 1 episode has the original visit to Dalen’s Closet?
Episode 1-95.

I was wondering if it were possible to list the items the M9 gave Fjord at the end of the episode 73? Stats too would be cool!
We’re not sure specifically what all they ended up giving to him, but what was mentioned:

  • Jester: Handaxe (+1)

  • Jester: Inescapable Lash (Requires attunement, allows the wielder to turn a successful attack into a grapple and then restraint)

  • Caduceus: Shield of Retribution (Requires attunement, allows the wielder to make a reaction attack with the shield after a missed attack against them)

  • Caleb: Glove of Blasting (Casts Scorching Ray once per day)

  • Nott: Dagger of Denial (Requires attunement, +2, can seal any lock. Once a lock is sealed, it cannot be unsealed unless the blade is reinserted into the lock. Sealing a lock unseals all previous locks.)

Do we know the spelling of the Mighty Nein’s stuffy neighbors?
House Bilan. Our Wildemount NPC chart has all confirmed name spellings.

Can you also track the spellings of locations?
Done! Confirmed spelling names can now be found on our Wildemount Locations table on the Wildemount General Stats page.

I found part of what I was looking for under the Attuned Items list by person. Do you also list what level they got them at and then what non-attuned items they have and what level they got them?

You can find that info on the Character Sheets we keep for them! That said, bear in mind that we don’t necessarily update the sheets with items as they get them or midway through a level, especially since items have a way of changing hands. However, we will update the items on the character sheets at the end of a level, as well as put that information on their next level’s sheet.

Are you keeping track of all the changes to the animated intro for Campaign 2?
Not formally, though here’s the versions we’ve seen so far:

  • (Ep2-44, 0:07:30) The first reveal of the new intro.

  • (Ep2-65, 0:15:05) New NPCs, and a few Easter eggs added to some character shots.

Have you ever figured out the average length of an episode of Critical Role?
Average episode length is one of the many things we keep track of across campaigns. If you’re ever curious about the length of each episode, how much of an episode was gameplay, and other information, check out the we the tables under Time Keeping on the Running Stats Page.

Did Matt release any of the crew and ship stats used for either the Ball Eater or other ships in The False Serpent arc (Episodes 32-47)?
While we don’t know the exact attribute of each ship, Matt did reference this set of Unearth Arcana that he used to homebrew the rules for naval actions.

What was Vox Machina wearing during their battle with Thordak?
Items of note:

  • Grog: Titanstone Knuckles, Bloodaxe, Belt of Dwarvenkind, Boots of Levitation or Feral Leaping

  • Keyleth: Unknown armor, Spire of Conflux, Circlet of Wisdom (antlers), Ring of Protection

  • Percy: Unknown armor, Cabal’s Ruin cloak, Boots of Spider Climb, Diplomacy Glove, Bad News, Animus, Retort, Amulet of the shield, Ring of Lightning Resistance

  • Pike: Plate of the Dawnmartyr, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Mace of Disruption, Sprinter’s Boots, shield, symbol of Sarenrae, Morningstar, Frostbrand Sword

  • Scanlan: Armor of Acid Resistance, Mythcarver, Ioun Stone

  • Vax: Deathwalker’s Ward armor, Whisper, Dagger of Venom, Dragonslayer Longsword

  • Vex: Boots of Haste, Fenthras, studded leather armor, Bracers of Archery, Pearl of Power, Broom of Flying

Given only an episode range, can you remember the exact episode and timestamp a certain phrase was uttered?
How many times has someone (in character/as self) said 'okay okay okay'?
How many times has Matt described a hit to the clavicle as opposed to any other body part?
Do you know how many times Caleb has called Beauregard "Beau"?
At this point, keeping track of stated words across the series is too difficult to track (believe us, we have experience in this, even with volunteers). You can certainly try your hand searching through transcripts on the wiki, but requests such as these have fallen out of our abilities.

I was just curious if y'all had tracked what Caleb has put into his 'other' book. 
Not specifically, no.

Do you keep a count of how many times Jester speaks the word "Poop"?
Nope. That s*** dies with Scanlan.